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Author Topic: MCL Battle... I think :-/  (Read 970 times)

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MCL Battle... I think :-/
« on: January 29, 2006, 07:24:51 PM »
Since 1998, I've been battling w ith my MCL.  I was 15 at that time... a 110 pound dog ran in to the side of my leg while playing fetch, it gave way, classic MCL... we thought.  However, rather than heal, my knee stayed very unstable, swollen, and hot for two months, at which point they decided more must be going on - i ended up on crutches for six solid months, doing PT twice or three times every week, and then having arthroscopic surgery - they did a chondroplasty for a 2x3 cm abrasion as well as removed a lot of scar tissue.  Since then, have been forced to use a hinged brace for all athleltics or my knee gives way and swells a lot.  During this time, have had 3 normal MRI scans... went skiing in December and re-injured my knee, which resulted in another MRI that was inconclusive... showed No obvious lligament or cartilige tears.  They talk about edema in the subcutaneous tissues and "mild intrasubstance signal, nonspecific.""  Was diagnosed based on ligament tests as a grade 2 MCL tear in spite of normal MRI (doctor said he's see grade 3 complete ruptures that showed normal on scans).  Was referred to the best orthopedic doc in the area, who didn't actually see me.  his assistant got hung up on the fact that my OTHER knee tracks oddly - wants to ignore the injury and get me in rigorous PT to correct the OTHER knee that DOESN'T hurt... So I've gotten a home program for that (can't afford to go 3 times a week; insurance won't cover it).  I've been in a post-surgical hinged ROM brace for a month now...  walking, and doing strength and flexibility work every day, but the knee is still swollen, very loose, and painful.  Is this a typical pattern for an MCL??  Do they always cause so much trouble, or should i be hunting down a different doctor and pursuing other treatments?  **Oh yes... nearly forgot; I have a DonJoy Playmaker on the way, so i can lose the ROM brace, i'm just using it until the playmaker arrives**
1998 - dog vs. human accident, torn MCL, subluxed patella
1999 - plica removal, chondroplasty. 
2002 - skating accident, subluxed patella, torn LCL, bone bruising
2005 - skiing accident, torn MCL, torn meniscus, stretched acl, torn medial capsule
2007 - plica removal, synovectomy