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Author Topic: Had Microfracture Surgery 07/12/2012  (Read 5810 times)

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Had Microfracture Surgery 07/12/2012
« on: August 05, 2012, 08:37:52 AM »
Hello i am new to these forums and i stumbled onto this forum while researching microfracture rehab. I just wanted to add my experience and i will continue updating this as time goes so that people contemplating having surgery or have already had surgery can compare notes or help them make their decision. Also i am hoping veterans of this procedure can guide me along what i need to do. I am glad i found this forum because it answered alot of my questions and i wanted to contribute to it to help others in the same dilemma.


I had my knee accident almost 3 years ago approx around July of 2009. I was practicing MMA at the time and a takedown while doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu caused some discomfort in my knee. No popping, nothing, just slight discomfort. I was not able to walk for two weeks after i got home without a limp but eventually the pain went away but i could tell my knee wasnt the same. I disregarded it as something that will get better and i put a knee brace and continued working out and running 3 miles at a 21 min pace pretty much every other day with little to no discomfort till i raced one of my peers and really damaged my knee to the point where i could not run anymore.

First Surgery:

The doc i went to had me do an MRI and said that i had a torn meniscus and that it wasnt a big deal and will heal up and i will be able to go back to the gym. I had my surgery 03/2010 went through rehab for a week gained complete ROM and was cleared to go back in the gym by the end of the month. 


After my meniscus surgery i could not run without it causing discomfort. So i stopped doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and just focused on stand up and i kept having my knee hurt after sessions especially when i hit the heavy bag hard due to the twisting and torquing nature of hitting the bags hard so i went to another doc around 02/2011 and he had me do an MRI and told me that i have cartilage damage and will need a MFX to fix it. To be honest i have no clue when the cartilage damage occurred because there is no one moment that i thought i did something bigger to my knee i just felt like my knee felt unstable.  My symptoms were that i could not run but for almost all day to day activities my knee was a non issue but i really wanted to practice MMA once more and be active again so i decided to get the MFX done.

Second Surgery:

Got my surgery done 07/12/2012 since i was not able to take time off from work due to changes and since my knee only prevented me from working out hardcore i could afford to wait. Talked to the doctor after surgery and he told me that i had a slight meniscus tear but 75-80% of my meniscus is still there and he showed me a pic of the cartilage defect and what he did to fix it.


First Week:
My gf has been great about making sure the ice machine was always hooked up and gave me meds at the right time. My doctor did not give me a CPM machine he told me to do a few exercises daily and be on the game ready ice machine. My knee was really swollen. It wasnt painful but it was just uncomfortable. I am not sure if the lack of pain was due to my gf giving me meds on time or the procedure is not painful. The entire week i was not able to bend my leg at all. My knee is really really hot at all times and the ice machine gives it rest.

Second week:
My knee was still bruised up all over but really bad in the inside of my thigh like dark bluish black,  i wasnt sure if this was normal or not but the game ready machine was applying alot of compression to my knee to the point where it was really painful so thinking maybe the machine was doing the bruising i adjusted the machine slightly to apply less pressure. My calf muscle is swollen like crazy and it remained this way till mid third week. I still cant bend the knee much but i was able to straighten out my knee to full extension. I am pretty sure that the ROM or lack thereof i have at this time is due to my knee being swollen and not because it is hurting and my knee keeps getting really hot everytime i am away from the ice machine for too long. There is no pain and i stopped using my Vicodin by the end of the first week but i am still on a constant dose of ibuprofen. I went to the pool by the end of the second week and did some bending exercises and my knee felt alot better the next day.

Third Week:
I have stopped using my game ready ice machine cuz it keeps on messing up by the end of the third week but my knee is not getting hot anymore like it used to so its not a big deal. I have been going to the pool every other day and it has really helped my ROM. My knee swelling has gone down significantly as well as my calf swelling and bruising. I still have lil red bruises all over my knee and leg region. I am still on crutches and non weight bearing. I have a doctor's appt on 08/12/2012 and i am expecting to go weight bearing 08/23/2012. I have been gingerly walking in the pool in the deep end and my knee feels weak but not too bad. I am able to bend my knee to almost a 90 degree angle with lil discomfort.

I am going on my fourth week right now and will update how i feel and my progress through out. If anyone has any questions or suggestions i am open to anything and will answer to the best of my ability. To be honest this surgery and the rehab time is more mental than physical. Good thing i have a lot to keep me occupied. My girlfriend has been a big help to me and i dont know how i would get through this process without her help and my trusty xbox360 otherwise these 3 weeks would have been hell.