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Author Topic: Any good docs in the Midwest??  (Read 741 times)

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Any good docs in the Midwest??
« on: January 31, 2006, 07:17:26 PM »
Can anyone reccomend a GOOD orthopedic doc in the Midwest (USA) - preferably, WI, IL, IA, or MN???  I've met all of them in my hometown during a bad period where my shoulder dislocated every few days or so, and would need to be reduced under sedation due to muscle spasms and the like... (finally found a doc willing to fix it in a teenager, and it's been perfect for six years since!)  Unfortunately, the doctor that did my shoulder has now moved to a location that is a 6.5 hour drive away...  If worse comes to worse, i will drive that far to see her (she's already agreed) but i'm not at all sure that insurance would cover, so i do need other options.  All the docs around here are real buddy-buddy, so once you've seen one, they all go off those notes (and all have computer access TO those notes  :-\), so it's not like a real second opinion. And the one i saw for my most recent episode (see this link:[/color] got hung up on the fact that my quads were a little small on that side and my hamstrings were tight (after 12 days immobilized and non-weight bearing while waiting for MRI and ortho consult, of COURSE that was the case!!!)  So now my clinic notes say that I was referred to PT to stretch out my "clearly pulled and aggravated hamstrings" and "strenthen weak quads".  Those are great goals, and i'm working on them here at home, but WHAT ABOUT MY KNEE???  It's clearly at the least an MCL issue (as would be demonstrated by how much my joint opens medially).  Need a doc outside of my town but within a reasonable distance, one who will actually look at things with a FRESH perspective!!!  While i search, i'm rehabbing here at home and using a DonJoy Playmaker to help with strenuous things (walking long distances and the like)...
1998 - dog vs. human accident, torn MCL, subluxed patella
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2002 - skating accident, subluxed patella, torn LCL, bone bruising
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Re: Any good docs in the Midwest??
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2006, 03:06:11 PM »
I'm replying to you in a private message
1999 LR, 2002 ACL/PLC recon, reversal of LR, 2004 ACL revision, 2006 Car accident torn PCL and small fractures resulting in bone chips in my knee.  Torn MCL 3 times.  Wicked screws under IT band and Pes Anserine.  June 2008-Hip Arthroscopy.