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Author Topic: OS appointment today - ???  (Read 718 times)

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OS appointment today - ???
« on: January 23, 2006, 06:55:59 PM »
I have been posting on and off about my left knee which dislocated in 1990 with torn cartilege. I am now 32 with a 15 month old and my knee has started to really play up. Some background....... I was misdiagnosed for 5 weeks at the outset so was weightbearing on my dislocated knee. When they went in to repair the cartilege they found the dislocation and had to shave (?) the back of my kneecap (they gave me the shavings back afterwards - cute eh?!) as it was mashed up after the walking I had done I guess. It has been fine since then but now crunches, hurts, jars, can't bend easily sometimes and sometimes can't fully straighten.

Saw the actual OS today which was good. He did it all in laymen's terms and I didn't get a look at the MRI report. It was very short and he said they basically viewed it as normal. There was some change but not enough for them to be concerned about. He manipulated my kneecap a bit but it wasn't painful. The only bit that did hurt was the bit at the inside front not my kneecap which he said was 'interesting'.The OS said that I need to do exercise such as cycling and swimming and can do leg presses (gently to start with) to strengthen my muscles round my knee. He said I should have physio - 20 week wait at the moment from my letter in November. He reckons my symptoms will disappear. He has asked to see me in 4 months and get a kneecap xray done then, and then if no/little change he said he will do something he very rarely does - in fact it's almost unheard of for him to do it - a cortisone injection. If that doesn't work then scope it.

His explanation is that where my thigh bone joins the lower leg, I had some scar tissue from the 1st arthroscopy and that may have been aggravated by a small tear (or I have done something else to aggravate it).

Well that's my story so far!! I am glad he didn't just say operate but it was all rather vague!! We shall see how we go with the exercise and I think I may throw money at a private physio as it's quicker - I'll have hardly seen an NHS one before my next appointment. The thought of cortisone injections fills me with dread - are they bad?

Itigo xx
1990 dislocated LK in hockey
1990 arthroscopy - debridement, cartilage removal
05 LK unstable and painful
May 06 dx tilting kneecaps
Nov 06 arthroscopy and open LR
Oct 07 debridement arthroscopy
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May 13 TTT and MPFL reconstruction