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Author Topic: Need help on this..Blood found when they drained my knee and gave me pain shot.  (Read 953 times)

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Well I'm a little over a month post-op now on my 7th knee surgery
and all was going mmmm good... So last night I was still in the Bay
Area visiting some friends of mine and we decided to go to
Applebee's for dinner.  We were sitting there talking waiting for
our food to come and Wha-la! I bumped my brace dislocating the right
knee once again.  It hurt/stung for a good 10 mins or so before the
pain level started to level out.  I got back to my friend's house
and jumped on my pain meds and iced the knee for a good while off
and on.  About midnight, I'm beat and about to head off for bed so I
go to get off the couch to put the ice pack in the freezer and
feel/hear a rather large pop.  Now while being higher than a kite on
Norco the pain was really intense and standing at a good 7-8 on the
little 1-10 pain reading scale they ask you at the hospital.  So
being used to knee problems I decide to go to bed and see how it is
in the AM.  Not a fun night that's for sure... was having funky
dreams and woke up several times and felt like there was someone
poking my leg or tugging on it.  I think it was just knee spasms. 
So 8:30AM today I called my Doc office and tell them that I need to
be seen today and can't stick it out through the weekend.  They had
an 11:30AM apt. so I had my friend drive my truck back to Sac Town
while picking up his other friend in Tracy to give him a ride back
to the bay area since I was in no condition to be driving at the
I had x-rays taken of the knee showing off my hot sexy hardware...
umm.. anyways.. she decided to go ahead and drain my knee and give
me a shot of cortisone to ease the pain.  When she drained it, it
was pure blood in the vile... uhh... not quite sure if that's good
or bad... she said that the blood is not from this last surgery since it was over a month ago, but due to this new trauma.  She requested me to get another MRI within the next
few Monday it's scheduled.  She said a closed MRI would be
better than an open one to get a more precise image of the knee and
what's going on.  She is very worried about under my knee cap and
thinks that it was my knee cap that popped back into place when I
stood up to put the ice back in the freezer.  She is thinking that I
could have chipped off a big piece of cartilage from under the knee
cap or something along those lines.  This last surgery that I had
Dec. 13th the Tibial Tuberosity Transfer, my OS noted that I did
have a lot of cartilage damage and knee cap is cracked in 3
places... all those fun years of player soccer seemed to of paid
off.  Well I did not mean to write an essay or a book or anything,
but I'm up, in pain, on pain meds and just trying to focus on typing
than keeping the leg still.  The PA said depending on the results of
the MRI will tell if I get to go back under the knife real soon or

I looked up on the internet about finding blood when draining the knee and says about 70% of the time blood is found means a tear in the ACL... i dont know how true that is... what kind of pain do you feel with an ACL injury and did they drain your knee too?? Help!!!
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Hope you are feeling better soon.  Here is a site that mentions the symptoms of ACL injury.

Let us know how everything goes.   ~Shade
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ANy fracture of a bone will bleed also if you tore off cartilage like the doc said it would most likely bleed in my opinion.