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Author Topic: More questions...misdiagnosis  (Read 658 times)

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More questions...misdiagnosis
« on: January 22, 2006, 02:21:11 AM »
I came in here in November (?) after I had a knee injury, which was diagnosed as a possible MCL tear.  They didn't do an MRI or anything, but the Dr, an orthopedic specialist, was "pretty certain" of what it was.

So I was in a brace for 6 weeks or so, then I had it taken off for everything other than sports and activities that would fall under that category.  It was working well, I still didn't have full range of motion back, but that was to be expected.  I had been doing excercises reccomended by a friend who had been having issues with his knees as well.

Well, about a week ago I was crouching on the ground to get something out of my locker (at school), and as I stood up, I heard a crack and it buckled.  The pain was worse than when I had first injured it, which was during a sport and was essentially an impact injury and a twist.

So I was back at the Dr yesterday, and he seemed to think that it wasn't an internal injury.  But he didn't seem to understand exactly what I did.  He has misdiagnosed injuries of mine once and my dad's once, so I have a very low confidence in him at this point.  The thing that alarmed my primary Dr (which the orthopedic Dr didn't mention, although I worried about it as well because it is true) was that on the left side (underneath really, but more to the left side), the tendon/ligament has no resistance at all.  I'm not sure which ligament/tendon that is, but I cannot even feel that it's there, and that is where the pain is located the majority of the time.

The Dr didn't seem concerned, but ordered an MRI ("just in case"), so I will be seeing a sports Dr about the MRI for a more accurate opinion.

I am baffled as to what this might be though?  Is it consistant with an MCL injury?   ???


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Re: More questions...misdiagnosis
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2006, 12:45:33 AM »

Sorry that you are still having knee problems.  Good idea about getting a second opinion.  Here is a site that will show the different parts of the knee. 

Once you click I agree, then click knee, then look for Anatomy and click that button.

Good luck.  ~Shade
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