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Author Topic: oats procedure, osteochondral autograft system using the Arthrex instrumentation  (Read 2257 times)

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I am new to this website my therapist gave it to me.I had the oats procedure on Aug 10 2005 I am currently attending therapy twice a week.I am still walking with a cane and my Dr said it would be a while before I will be without it.Is it normal to take so long? I have followed everything my Dr said I was on crutches for almost 10 weeks.   The titile is what he has as the Procedure

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I think everyone is different as far as recovery goes. I had my OATS on Sept 28th 2005 and I am without crutches or a cane and I can even do the stairs pretty normal at this point.

I am sure if your doctor says it is normal for you to still have your cane at this point you are ok. I have had several OATS proceedures and each recovery was a bit different.

I know it can become frustrating and you feel like it will never end. Just know that we are here for you at this site and anytime you need to talk just log on!!

Best of luck to you in your recovery

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