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Author Topic: "Translating" my procedures (scopes) - WHAT exactly was being done in them?  (Read 4638 times)

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I wast just finally going through my old surgery descriptios and for the first time ever, I have the possibility to ask what all those terms actually mean! I thought this place is the most appropriate place to ask these questions, although I might post this to a couple other places as well to maximise my possibility in finding answers.

As I'm going into a new surgery, I now think it's time to find out WHAT EXACTLY was being done in those procedures. You people are a walking dictionary of knowledge, so now I'm asking the opportunity to take advantage of it.

I'm going to put here basically shortened version of the of my surgery descriptions.

Now notice that I'm translating this from finnish (execpt the few latin terms), so I'm just trying my best to get it in here! The grammar might seem silly, but the finnish it's translated from, is some doctor's own grammar..
The indistinct terms are italicized, questions like this. The terms I'm not sure how to be translated in english, are "italicized", in quotation marks.

SECOND PLICA REMOVAL (the first one I couldn't find, but the operation was pretty much identical)
for right knee in September 1999 (first surgery for left one was in Devember 1998)

Arthroscopia et resectio plicae medialis et lateralis genus dexter
What is a medial plica and how is it different from lateral plica?

Knee stabile. The scope is being put anterolaterally within the joint, the "sondi" (sorry, couldn't find translation for this, it is a long-ish surgery instrument) is being put anteromedially within the joint.

Like the left knee (which was the first this operation was done to), the right is having a clear medial plica, which has "fibrotized" (not sure of the form of the word, get fibrotized?) and which is having a generous synovial tissue, which came into interposition and is rubbing the femur (thigh bone?) a bit.

In addition, the course of gradus I chondromalacia patellae is lateral.

Gristle surfaces clean. Nothing abnormal in the "Regessi" (I guess it's some latin idea what it means!).

Plica removal is being made with shaver and "vaporisator" (some surgery instrument, I guess?) and lateral release with "vaporisator"

Tapes to the wounds (the end of surgery).

Diagnosis: M23.8, MM22.4 Plica Medialis et chondromalacia patellae gradus I genus dexter

THIRD PLICA REMOVAL for both knees in april 2004

Arthroscopia. Revision (which I think means surgical "checking" of a wound?)[/u][/b]
Surgigal "indication", patient has had arthroscopic plica removal earlier to both knees.

Scope is being put antero-laterally within the joint. Instruments anteromedially. The joint is being filled.

Upper-"regessi" is clean. Nothing special in PF-joint (patello-fermoral joint?). Both meniscus intact. ACL, PCL entire (not broken), both sides clean.
A thick scar tissue on top of the old plica, especially in the left knee, which is enough to explain the patient's symptoms. This plica is being removed and "revalidated" (NOT sure of the term, in finnish it is "revidointi", which could mean something like re-checking..)

Same procedure to the right leg. The joint is being rinsed and emptied. (the end of surgery)

Diagnosis: Cicatrix vitiosa post-resectionem plicae synovialis S83.6

THERE! Oh my god what a job this was...some of the finnish terms were impossible to understand in FINNISH, so then I just had to guess what they might be in latin or english. Heavy googling and searching was being done, so this is my best.

If someone has the time to clear up these, or some of these, terms (in italics), I would be SOOOOO grateful!! Thank you so much for your help in advantage!  :)

With gratitude,

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I can try to help

medial plica and lateral plica, that just means plicas on each side of the knee. medial is on the inside, lateral is the outside of the knee. plica is left over tissue from when we were in the womb, not everyone has them (just some of us lucky ones).

anterolaterally means the front lateral side of the joint
anteromedially means the front inside of the joint
synovial tissue is just the tissue surrounding the knee.
femur is the thigh bone
chondromaliacia patella on the lateral side. softened cartilage on the back of the patella towards the outside of the knee
revsion is just doing the same surgery over again
ACL anterior cruciate ligament
PCL posterior cruciate ligament

that is the best that I can do. IF you want information on plica's in general , go to and click on patient education. that will lead you to a section called what is a plica.
good luck
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