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Author Topic: Oxford knee problems  (Read 2599 times)

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Oxford knee problems
« on: January 05, 2006, 07:57:53 AM »
Hi, I'm new to this group and thought others may be experiencing the same problems.

I have had 2 Oxford "hemis" put in. The (medial) inside knee joint was replaced in both knees in 2 operations, 6 months apart. The left knee has been great from day one but the right knee isn't doing at all well.

My right leg is longer than the left and the leg has a deliberate bend to the right much like a hockey stick. On my first visit to the doctor post op I asked about the bent leg and he said that he had to install a thicker spacer (bearing) to take up the slack. As a result I am in intense pain much of the day and have problems sleeping at night as well. The length of the leg and the grotesque bend is causing me extreme back and hip discomfort. Oxycocet is the only thing that will kill the pain but I have limited myself to a maximum of 2 per day.

I am mechanically inclined and can see the only fix is either chopping it out and doing a total or some how shortening the ligaments or tendons and installing a shorter spacer.

I am seeing the surgeon next month but would like to see how others have handled this problem. The surgeon is a very good one and I realize this is a difficult procedure so there is no animosity.

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Re: Oxford knee problems
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2006, 01:18:19 AM »

Did your right leg have a bend prior to surgery?  Or is this a result of the surgery? 

My legs were both bowed prior to surgery and my PKRs corrected the bowing to a great extent.  Sometimes an OS will OVERcorrect an alignment and it can result in knock-knees or bowing depending on the compartment replaced.

I wouldn't be happy with your result..especially since it is causing such pain in the back and hip.  I'm not sure that a spacer is necessarily the cause of the could be that the angle of your bones were not cut to balance the knee joint.  I'm only speculating and not taking a jab at your OS.  But the end result is now that you are having pain.  I would revisit this with your OS to find out how to correct the problem.  Perhaps it means a revision, or a lift in the left shoe...but don't accept the bend.  There has to be an answer for this.

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