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Author Topic: Surfers knee injury  (Read 1274 times)

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Surfers knee injury
« on: December 23, 2005, 11:14:14 AM »
Hi, i appologise for my poor english in advance..!

where to start...? well i am/was a very compitent surfer up untill 18 months ago, when i suffered a knee injury.
this will be a little dis-jointed but i hope you get what i mean.

surfing left foot foward and right foot back (natural) on a left hand wave, the genral surf posture; is a lot of weight on your front foot to generate all or most of your speed then your weight is transfered to your back foot to make turns...
to asume this surfing posture:
* legs about shoulder width apart
* bend slightly at the knees and at the waist slightly
* slightly turn your shoulders (diagonal to your feet position) to the left
* for this (natural footed) surfing position your right knee will drop slightly towards your left ankle
thats the best way i can describe the position.

now in that position imagine? your right knee ended up down by your left ankle? and your right foot up by your R-hip.
i guess instead of a foward-backward motion or rotation it was the most unnatural movement side-ways!!?? that is what happend in my injury with the weight of my body plus the weight of the wave....!!! ouch the pain!!!
absolute agony as a results
after washing to shore and making it home with a lift from lifeguards i seeked imediate advice from sports injuries therapists and physio's... ACL MCL damage? was the first thoughts after a lot of ultra-sound and manipulation i was able to walk again (couple of weeks) since then i have been waitinig for an MRI which i have just had the results and... amasingly??? there is nothing wrong with my knee?? im making it up of course!?

so i turn to you! for help, advice, anything really!!

Now, the inner-side of my knee seems to be the problem, no pain but sesations all the time and feeling very week if to assume a position any simular to my surfing posture, as if my knee would open up? or pop out?
looking at diagrams of knee structures it looks like to me (a complete novice) either the colateral ligerment? or meniscus?

the main sensation i get is unstructured or displaced, weak.

if its not picked up on MRI what could it be and what can i do? could have healed a certain amount it the last 18 months? but not enough to be better?
well i think that is it?!

any help greatly appriciated
many thanks

Chris Byatt (24 and living life like and elderly gent?)

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Re: Surfers knee injury
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2005, 07:57:51 PM »
My injury was from a windsurfing accident.  The stress to my knee sounds like it was similar to yours, as I came off my board, slightly airborne, coming down with my left leg in the water and my inside right foot catching the floating board. I heard a "pop", then a dull ache in the knee.  I was able to waterstart and get to the beach, ice it up, and head for home.  My initial exam by the O.S. showed what looked like a sprained or torn MCL with some possible meniscus damage. The MRI confirmed the sprain and some meniscus damage. The surgeon said that I needed surgery if I wanted to live my life without constant pain.  I've had more pain as a result of the surgery, so choose your course wisely, and get a second opinion.
If I had to do it over again, I would'nt have the surgery until I'd exhausted all non-surgical P.T. methods.  I suppose it depends on how badly the meniscus and ligaments are damaged.  I'd ask the doctor what the odds are of a piece of the meniscus breaking off and lodging in your joint, based on the type of tear.  If it sounds unlikely for some years, I'd go non-surgical for sure.  My dad is almost 80 and has been walking around with a torn mensicus for 20 years plus.  He doesn't surf or windsurf though.
I'm sure that a good knee doctor would be able to tell by manipulating your knee whether or on there's weakness of stability of which you speak. If there is, surgery might be your best option, but only if by a well-reputed surgeon. 
I'm now about 10 weeks post-op and am not entirely pleased with the results of the surgery.  I now have a growing lump where the O.S. placed a stitch in my meniscus in an attempt to repair a portion of it.  At this point I wouldn't be too shocked if he used a non-dissolving stitch on it.  I'll have to check on that this week. 
I have been able to control the pain associated with nerve damage suffered as a result of the "minimally invasive" arthroscipic surgery.  I've only been able to do that thanks to finding an effective supplement that seems to target the inflammation that I have in my leg.
Bottom line: Only do the surgery if you absolutely have to.  I'd be willing to accept a 90% recovery without surgery than a possible 95-100% recover with surgery. Why?  Because complications do happen.  Don't take the disclaimers lightly prior to surgery.  Good luck and Happy Holidays.

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Re: Surfers knee injury
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2005, 02:22:51 PM »
I think you said that nothing showed on MRI.  MRI is not perfect.  Maybe your doc should scope your knee to find out what's happening  in there.  I good scope should only have you down for a couple of weeks and it takes much of the guess work out of it.