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Author Topic: Torn Medial Retinaculum  (Read 3772 times)

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Torn Medial Retinaculum
« on: December 23, 2005, 02:45:02 AM »

Could you tell me about a torn medial retinaculum? My MRI last October showed a torn medial retinaculum in my left knee. But I have never dislocated kneecap or had a direct trauma in the area.

My questions are as follows:

1.   What can cause the medial retinaculum to tear? (Can it be torn even if you have never dislocated your kneecap?)

2.   What sort of pain/symptoms will you have when the medial retinaculum is torn? (Is the pain sharp or dull? Is it tender to touch the area? )

3.   Will a torn retinaculum heal itself?  If yes, how long will it take to heal? Or will it require surgery?

4.   Where is the medial retinaculum? (Is it just along the knee cap or further away?)

I had knee arthroscopies on my both legs in July this year. The OS debrided the lateral facets of patella, and also removed suprapatellar plicae. I have been having very slow recovery since then. 

In September (about two months after the arthroscopy), the pain in my left knee started getting worse. During the October and November months, the pain had become very sharp and intense on the medial side of my knee. My MRI showed a torn retinaculum at that time. But I had never dislocated or had a direct trauma.

This December month, the pain has become less sharp but more diffuse and dull around the knee cap. There are some clicks when I start to bend my knee. I am finding it difficult to walk any longer than a few minutes. My OS says that I need to strengthen VMO.  I am a 47 year old teacher who want to go back to work. Any information/advice would be VERY much appreciated.


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4 July 2005 Bilateral knee arthroscopies- debridement ( Grade II OA,  lateral facets of patella,  ) and removal of suprapatellar plicae

Oct 2005 - Still in much pain, developed difficulty in standing/walking after the scope