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Author Topic: Non-surgical Methods to treat chronic patella tendonitis - need advice  (Read 2181 times)

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I know I posted this on another thread, but I thought I should make my own thread. I have had patella tendonitis for about a year and a half in my right knee. Sometimes it flares up real bad if I take a bad landing or bad jump mechanic when playing basketball and its hard to put pressure on my right leg. Other then that its fine if i stretch, workout and ice. The problem is I want to play more and as much as I can now that I have free time and trying to lose weight at 5'9 250lb.

Has anyone ever tried platelet rich plasma treatment? Or went through a whole eccentric focused training to strengthen the tendon? Or even supplements like proline/lysine coupled with vitamin c and magnesium?  Any progress or results from these methods of treating patella tendonitis?