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Author Topic: Burning knee pain  (Read 4334 times)

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Burning knee pain
« on: January 24, 2006, 04:37:27 PM »
Hi all!

I've developed a nagging burning pain just under the patella.I had a ACL reconstruction (PTG) about 12 years ago, and some trouble about three years ago where the knee swelled up after some excercise, but no real trouble since.This seems to have developed over the last week or so and seems to be increasing in severity and lenth. It was OK after a nights sleep, but then begins again after I've been up and about for a while.
My immediate thought is the start of arthritis??? ::)

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Re: Burning knee pain
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2006, 04:32:29 AM »
Where exactley is the pain?

Next to the shin bone?
Side of the knee?