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Author Topic: Bone fragment inside knee  (Read 2512 times)

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Bone fragment inside knee
« on: November 17, 2005, 02:25:01 AM »
Hi, about 3 years ago I had an ACL reconstruction on my left knee, it went pretty well.

Just before summer this year, playing sports it (left knee) went really painful for a while afterwards (pain got less but lasted for quite a while), a couple of times it locked at a nearly straight position, but overcome this by bending it back and trying again, where it straightened whith a loud *pop* (ow)

Anyway I just had a knee examination, which showed the ligaments are fine, but x-rays showed up this fragment of bone in the middle of my knee (probably caused by impact)
I'm due for an arthroscopy to look at it, get the bone bit out and see if there's any damage to cartilidge and that should happen in a few months.

I asked a fair few questions when getting the news, but I forgot probably the most important ones: in the meantime, how should I limit my activities?
General exercise I do is mountain biking, and occasionaly playing football with friends - are either of these ok, or should I lay off either or both of them?

I've found that (probably cos of the bone fragment floating around in the knee) I get a pain sometimes when I do something trivial like run across a road (like the pain is upon the impact of the step, but not always every step).  day to day stuff, walking etc it is fine.

Does anyone know if the bone fragment is capable of damaging the inside of my knee if I'm too active?
The thing I most want to do is the mountain biking, especially as it builds up the muscles as well as being fun.

thanks :)