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Author Topic: complex bucket handle tear - can it be repaired?  (Read 1166 times)

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complex bucket handle tear - can it be repaired?
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:16:23 PM »
Hi all, sorry to say I tore my meniscus while on my "conservative" treat ment for my torn ACL.

I had an MRI, which was diagnosed as a complex bucket handle tear. I have no pain until I workout....

My OS looked at the 3D images and says he won't know until he gets in there with the 'scope whether he can do a repair or not.

Also, he says he may have to remove up to 30% of the meniscus. I'm hoping for the repair due to the long term affect of removing meniscus.

He scares the crap out of me....

Has anyone had a good outcome of a repair of a bucket handle meniscus tear? I'm looking for some light at the end of this tunnel.......
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Re: complex bucket handle tear - can it be repaired?
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2005, 03:18:05 AM »
Hi, I had a bad bucket handle tear..and removed it..I had walked around on it for too long and and doc had to clean out my knee completely..down to the bone...that was 6 years ago....heeling was ok..I cheated on some of my rehab and am now paying for it...need to have lateral release and patella debridment..this is to see if that works before I have alot of things have happened in 6 years...maybe a donor tissue is an option...the more question you ask on this site, the more answers you get...alot of people sign on and I certainly have gotten some good advice.,..I didn't ask enough questions before....maybe that means nothing would have been different...but it's hard to look at partial knee replacement as an only good luck and hope that you get some real knee advice

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