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Author Topic: Can anyone translate my MRI scan results  (Read 2349 times)

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Can anyone translate my MRI scan results
« on: November 05, 2005, 10:13:50 AM »
If anyone out there can translate all or some of these results then I would appreciate it.  i don't go back to see the consultant until 17 November.

The anterior cruciate ligament appears intact althought perhaps slightly lax

The posterior cruciate shows some diffuse signal increase on the T1 and T2 weighted images but no major disruption is identified

In the lateral compartment there is some diffuse thinning and slight irregularity of articular cartilage but there is no major chondral or subchondral oedema and no osteochondral defect is identified

There is however some diffuse marrow oedema in the lateral femoral condyle

Sagittal and axial views through the patello-femoral joint shows quite marked loss of articulat cartilage here with some oedema in the remnant

Again there is some oedema within the patella mainly in relation to its superior pole

There appears to be a somewhat thickened lateral parapatellar plica

Apart from noting some intra-articular low signal, presumably post operative artefacts, there is no other feature to comment

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Re: Can anyone translate my MRI scan results
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2005, 01:57:58 PM »
Your ACL is intact but maybe a little loose. Your PCL is showing a strange signal, but no tear  is showing. You have some thinning of the lateral femoral chondyle but you do not have a real defect ( this is the end of the thigh bone cart. , the shiny part, on the outside of the knee) You are showing wear in that spot but not an actual hole. this is good. lol   YOu have a bit of a bruise or  swelling in that area. You have a lot of articular cart damage  on the back of your patella , some swelling there too. You have a lateral plica that has gotten inflamed and therefore thickened. This can rub over the lateral femoral chondyle and cause some  articular cart loss there. It can also cause pain. 
good luck
hope this helps
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