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Author Topic: loose knee joint  (Read 721 times)

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loose knee joint
« on: November 04, 2005, 09:07:49 PM »
  hi there every one my question is , about 20 or so years ago i had a accident with working one of my horses , she  bumped me into a gate in a arena , over the years since then, come to find out from chiropracters they said my knee is out of alignment and when they would try to put it back in to place boy did that hurt. over the years i have had other injuries to this as of 2 years ago i had a small bucket tear in the menisui that the orthro doc said to leave alone,, so we did , but this year in june of 05 i had a dog slam into my outer right knee i saw the doc and she said it was a knee straing then about 3 weeks later as this was not getting any better  i went back , the doc said this time it could be a menisui tear as the pain was in that area too, so i went and bought an trom knee brace and she said to stay off the leg , that hard when i work with people and their dogs all week,, , i had an mri done and this was negative as to menisue  tear or anything eles but again mri dont show up everything as i am learning!
now my doc says my knee joint is loose very loose due to all this tramua she hasnt told me what to do about says mostly if it hurts stay off it , if not walk on it,,  well that doesnt really tell me much,,, i havent seen orthro yet,, with my insurance takes months if not years 
# 1 . if my knee  joint is that loose why does the pain radiate up to my thigh when i am at rest or walking ?

#2. how long does this take to heal

#3. what should i do in the mean time

thanks so much in advance for any help, as i am lost here,,

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Re: loose knee joint
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2005, 12:37:13 PM »
You could try seeing a physio. They are very good at testing knees and giving you appropriate exercises to strengthen it (if they will help). Staying off it long term could lead to muscle loss which will make your knee feel even more wobbly. My physio and ortho don't like braces but after being on crutches for so long my muscles are very weak so I have a stick (which I try to put very little weight through but it's there if I need it) and a lot of exercises to do and also now have a gym referral so I can really work on those muscles. It's very difficult to say how long it will take without knowing exactly what you have done. Even when you do know exactly whats wrong it can be difficult to put a timescale on it as everyone is different.
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