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Author Topic: Subluxation or something else?  (Read 774 times)

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Subluxation or something else?
« on: November 04, 2005, 12:47:56 PM »

I'm new to the board, but not knee problems.  Starting when I was ~12 years old, for a period of 6 years, I dislocated either my left or right patella every year.  Since then, I have been extremely lucky, in that I haven't had any dislocations, but I've had a number of subluxations where I planted my foot (I know stupid) and pivoted & my patella jumped out & then back in.  Since all those dislocations, I haven't been able to sit for long periods of time or kneel at all, but I normally didn't have any problems with stairs or anything else. In August of this year, I sat in a really confined space for a long time, and that's all it took for my right knee to swell, and it's been hurting ever since.  Since it's been hurting so long, I've changed the way I've been walking, and now my left knee hurts (not to mention on occasion both my hips).  Anyway, I said all that, and I'm finally near my real question.  When I went to the OS (after going to a GP and getting no relief), he was doing the exam on my left knee, as that's the "normal" knee, but that day, it was actually the knee that hurt the worst and the pain was really strange for me.  Anyway, you know how they sorta manipulate around your patella, while he was doing that, he pressed really hard in one direction & I felt a sharp pain.  I didn't hear or feel a pop or anything, but after that, my knee felt a whole lot better.  Is it possible that I had a subluxation & it didn't pop back into the correct place on its own?  Also, I ask if it's possible because I didn't feel my knee pop out of place before I went to the doctor.

I ask because yesterday, I started feeling the same kind of strange pain in my left knee again.  It's still hurting today, and I had trouble getting comfortable while I was sleeping last night.  In addition, I'm starting to feel some numbness in my left foot.  The knee doesn't look deformed to me and I didn't have that sensation of it popping out of place, the only thing that makes me think subluxation is that during exam when the OS put pressure on it in a specific direction, after a brief sharp pain, the original pain suddenly went away, so I was thinking that maybe he moved it back into place.  But I'm not sure if it's possible to have a subluxation that doesn't spontaneously go back to the correct position. 

Anyway, I'd really appreciate an answer.  I'm a student, and if I try to get an appointment at student health for knee pain, it will be 3 weeks from now.  If I can tell them something that sounds more serious, like, I think I might have a patellar subluxation, I may be able to get an appointment today.

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