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Author Topic: feels good, why not?  (Read 645 times)

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feels good, why not?
« on: November 02, 2005, 03:08:51 PM »

i had a seriouse knee injury and felt like i could walk pretty well on it after 2 weeks and over 30 fractures to my patella.  my  pain and swelling was going away too.  now i have a seriouse space that is not healing because i "over did" it....felt fine at the time.  hopefully this space will close in time, but as a result, my recovery time is going to take alot longer and my knee is at risk with not being strong enough to keep up with me.   i believe because i "over did" it, it now poses a threat to me on a daily knee gives out on me every 40 steps or so.  this isnt fun when your knee goes out on you going down stairs or walking down the street somewhere.  this didnt happen until the 5th-6th week after my injury.

i have heard with ligament and or tendon injuries you have to be twice as careful.   also like myself you may have a high tolerance to pain and the injury might be more than what you realize and only time will tell what all is (if) your injury could, may be.  sometimes these things may take time to reveal and your dr. woudl rather you be safe than sorry.

all i can say is try to do as close to everything your dr. tells you, regardless of how your knee "feels" to you.  tendons and ligaments pose the biggest threat to reinjury and possible problems to you in your future.  your knee is a very very crucial area that if it heals healthy will sustain the way you walk, your daily activities, your overall health and fitness (just to name a few) that could all be taken away from you if it doesnt get support from you early on. so be nice to it...and remember that pain doesnt mean there couldnt necessarily be something that needs time evaluate and or heal.  its not all an exact science but you'd rather be safe than sorry.

take care,

ill be back!