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Author Topic: Direct blow to patella in feb still goes undiagnosed  (Read 1683 times)

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Direct blow to patella in feb still goes undiagnosed
« on: October 31, 2005, 10:48:35 PM »
Hi my name is Leah i am from Australia.I had an unfortunate injury to the front of my patella back in Feb while climbing stairs to eifell tower. It is a long story of 9 months of trying to get diagnosed.

I could not walk following the injury, every slight movement of the knee was like a sharp catching pain that once in a comfortable position I was fine but everytime I moved I would end up screaming with pain.  Then get comfortable I was fine but any movement sent me through the roof.

I had three Xrays from different A&E department and 3 different diagnosis. 1. maybe hairline fracture nothing we can do, 2. proberly always been like that, without assessing it properly and comparing my two knees, 3. Unsure! but there doesn't seem to be ligament damage.  If you ran your finger across my patella there is a dint, you can actually see it through my skin without even touching it.

I have a distinct divit on the front of my patella, I still cannot run without pain, I cannot kneal on the ground as I cannot put any pressure on the front of my knee, walking up and down stairs remains painful.  This is all 9 months on.

I demanded to see a surgeon, he was unsure of the injury but said he  has seen direct traumas to the knee cap and they are difficult to treat!!!Had physio, but had to discontine treatment as it was not improving and my knee everytime I bent the knee to do a stretch the pain would be shooting.    Referred to another specialist had more Xrays no fractures, Had bone scan showed nothing.  Have just had a steriod injection to see if that will help, so far it is still sore from the injection so will just have to wait and see. Have follow up in Dec.

I am going completley in sane as I am very active person and am totally sick of being in pain.  To make things worse as I used to sleep on my stomach, not any more due to my strict physio.  But due to my knee I used to bend it to the side so it rested on the side of the bed as it was to painful to lie on, that has but my lower back out.  So I have had to have intense physio for that which is helping slowly but once again if I don't do my exercises for one day the pain returns.  Plus to make it all even worse I have now managed to get not sure how something called coccydynia not sure how I got this but am know suffering hugely from this as well.  I have a specialist appointment in  Dec for this also.

i have missed so much work which doesn't help as I am a nurse over here, working agency trying to travel, not good

I am just so unsure of what else can speed this recovery up.  i have never had pain or been sick throughout my life now I get everything as once.

Does anyone have any information for me

Sorry for such a long story but I didn't know where to start


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Re: Direct blow to patella in feb still goes undiagnosed
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2005, 04:27:46 AM »
Hey Leah,

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering so badly with your knee. If x-rays have shown nothing (as such) have you considered having an ultrasound and MRI scan? Between the 2 scans any soft tissue damage should show up. It sounds like your doctors are assuming there would only be bone damage as a result of your fall. Ligament/tendon/muscle damage could have occurred since your injury as a result of it not being treated correctly.
Your doctors sound as though they don't really know what to do. Can you insist on a second opinion and get to see someone who specialises in knees?
I think you need to see someone a lot sooner than December. Have you had any falls/injuries to your knee since?
Do you get any other types of pain in your knee? Whereabouts in the knee is the pain? Is it worse at night? Are you taking anything for the pain? You say you've had physio - what sort of physio? Have you considered hydrotherapy?
These may be worth thinking about in relation to getting proper treatment.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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