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Author Topic: Discoid meniscus question  (Read 857 times)

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Discoid meniscus question
« on: October 30, 2005, 03:58:22 AM »
Hi guys-
I'm new to this but hoped someone can give me some advice.  My 13 year old daughter had a congenital discoid meniscus, diagnosed at the age of 4.  She had major snapping in her knee which caused her to fall down continually, and had surgery that same year (4 years old) to re-shape her meniscus.  At that time, her orthopedic surgeon told us that her meniscus would always be susceptible to tears because it is not hard like a normal meniscus, and the shear process of growing would cause the meniscus to tear and shred so prepare for more surgery over the years.  At age 9 she had arthroscopic surgery again to repair more tearing of the meniscus.  She is now 13 and in 8th grade and for about a year has been having lots of pain again, but her surgeon does not want to go back in there yet.  She plays volleyball, track (long jump), and takes several dance classes.  This year in particular she has been having difficulty with an extremely painful achilles tendon, and painful snapping in her hip, all on the same side as the "bad" knee.  The surgeon just keeps brushing it off....sending her to PT which is no different than any of the stretches she already does in her other activities.  I'm not thrilled about another surgery yet, either, but when is enough enough?  She could hardly move around the volleyball court with any speed and obviously showed a limp.  Her ankle needs to be taped for any running or jumping or it just kills her (it is fine when it is wrapped-no pain).
My questions are:  Has anyone else had multiple meniscal repairs due to discoid meniscus, and what is the prognosis for repeated surgeries?  Do you think the pain in her hip and achilles is directly related to the knee problem?  I should tell you that when I was pregnant with her, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was treated with mega-doses of Rocephin for six weeks (2nd trimester).  I have toyed with the idea of asking for a scan of her entire right leg from hip to heel, just to be reassured that there isn't more stuff going on in there.  Am I being paranoid or do I have a legitimate concern? I am making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon whose concentration is in pediatrics, new to our hospital, but am not quite sure how to voice my concerns without fear of being brushed off again.  Bottom line, she is in pain!  Thanks - sorry this was so long.