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Author Topic: Diagnose me!! please :)  (Read 959 times)

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Diagnose me!! please :)
« on: October 27, 2005, 05:54:01 PM »
Hello everyone  :)

I have a knee problem and am currently waiting to see a specialist so that he can, apparently, stick a little camera in there to see whats up!

I've had a look on the net to try to find what it probably is but can't reach a conclusion. So if I give you the symptoms then perhaps someone could advise.

Right. The pain is in my knee cap, towards the top and on the inside of the knee. There is no swelling or bruising but a constant nagging pain with occassional twinges when I walk, sometimes to the extent that my leg will collapse. The pain increases after periods of walking or being on my feet for a while. The injury is prominent on my right knee but I suffer similar symptoms, but to a lesser degree on my left.

I've experienced discomfort in my right leg on ocassion for quite a long time now. For 5 or so years I've had to 'pop' my knees into place. This is a simple Elvis jig  ;D when I feel discomfort in my knee, especially in the mornings.
I have done martial arts for 18 years, a lot of cycling when I was younger, which I have just resumed. I also have to stand for long periods at a time (10'ish hours) during my work.     

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Re: Diagnose me!! please :)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2005, 10:45:43 PM »
This sounds similar to me, although I haven't found anyone who can give a diagnosis.
Just out of curiosity, does your walk feel very awkward with that leg.  Sort of like with every step you just can't get it to land right?

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Re: Diagnose me!! please :)
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2005, 12:38:25 PM »

Sounds like a maltracking patella, I would get it checked out by a qualified knee surgeon because if it is you could be doing damage to the articular cartilage on the underside of the patella.

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Re: Diagnose me!! please :)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2005, 02:00:56 PM »
WARNING - I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!  So don't take this too seriously.  Honestly - I'm not qualified to diagnose anyone, since I'm not a doctor.  And it's not like I've seen you, or examined your knee, etc.  But I'm trying to help, so I hope I succeed.

I don't know how old you are, but if you've been practicing martial arts for 18 years, I'm going to guess you're in your mid 30s to mid 40s.  What you've described sounds like good old fashioned arthritis.  I know you don't want to hear that, but I'm going to give the the positive side too.

#1 - martial arts are really hard on the knees.  I don't know which art you practice, but basically, every time you pivot on your standing foot to kick, you shift your body weight to the lateral (outer side) side of the knee.  And every time you kick you run the patella through the trochlear groove, putting more pressure on both the back of the patella and the trochlea than normal people.  (By normal people I mean those who aren't into MA, but breast stroke swimmers and other athletes may also face the same issue.)  Add to these 2 factors, you do a lot of jumping up and down, running, sparring, etc. barefoot.  So if you're flatfooted or have other support issues, every time you step onto the mats barefoot you are automacitcally giving your knees less support than they need (and get with sneakers, etc.), shifting your weight and causing additional wear and tear.

#2 - you may have isolated focal lesions, vs. the entire joint showing signs of damage.  This is the equivalent of potholes that need to be patched, vs. needing to repave the entire road.  If you are under 50, there are multiple surgical options to treat isolated focal lesions of the articular cartilage.  Microfracture, OATS, and ACI are the main procedures, and you can learn more about all 3 on this site.  You can get the basics on the surgery on the main website, and you will find bulletin board sectiosn for each procedure under the arthritis heading.

#3 - Have you been to an orthopedist who specializes in knees?  Your GP may be able to tell you you have arthritis, but he may not be able to help you get back to the pain-free life you'd like to have.  FInd someone who specializes in knees, preferably in a sports medicine clinic, considering your lifestyle.  You should definitely have x-rays taken, including standing x-rays.  You may need an mri, but if it's not ordered I wouldn't worry.  MRIs don't show articular cartilage well, and may not be able to assist in your diagnosis.

I hope this helps you take the next steps in your own care.  Good luck.
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