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Author Topic: Knee Injury - has Osgood Schlatter at age 25 and torn ACL  (Read 1069 times)

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Knee Injury - has Osgood Schlatter at age 25 and torn ACL
« on: October 26, 2005, 05:25:39 PM »
My husband is 25 and has had Osgood Schlatter since he was a teenager.  He still has the bump below one knee and it's still extremely painful if he bumps it on something.  He tore his ACL as a teenager in basketball and his parents decided not to have the surgery.  Now he's paying for that.  His knee doctor now has advised putting the surgery off because his is in such bad shape.

Four days ago, he was competing in a rodeo and did some running.  We don't know if he hit his knee on something or if it just became irritated from overuse.  It is swollen with fever in it; it is warm to the touch.  He can only bend it an inch or two back.  ER x-rays showed no bones are broken.  It is swollen, a little red, warm, and it clicks when he walks.  He's in a full length leg brace.  Any ideas what it could be?  I'm hoping something relatively minor like bursitis or tendinitis.  Thanks.