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Author Topic: Problem after patella dislocation  (Read 6321 times)

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Problem after patella dislocation
« on: October 20, 2005, 09:36:16 PM »
After falling down stairs in august, I dislocated my left patella.  Luckily my Hubby was able to put the knee cap back in place quite quickly.  After going to hospital I was given a cricket bat splint to wear.  After the first week of wearing this, I was advised to do exercises, to lift my leg off the floor whilst in a sitting position, not to bend my knee and to start bearing weight on my knee and to continue wearing the splint.

After 4 weeks I was advised to remove the splint. At this point I was just about able to lift my leg off the floor, but it felt strange to bend my knee, which had limited movement.  I was advised to have physio and start walking without crutches.

Today, even after carrying out physio exercises as prescribed, I still do not have full bend of my knee.  I now cannot lift my leg off the floor.  My thigh muscles have wasted , Iím unable to stand for long periods as my knee gets very stiff.  I have resorted back to crutches following physioís advice.  My knee does not feel very stable.

I have now had an MRI scan and Iím waiting for the results.

Has anyone had similar issues following the same injury?

Thanks for any comments you may have.


Hiya all,

Since my last message on 19 October, I have now received the results of my MRI scan, I have a partial intrasubstance tear of the medial patellar reinaculum with almost complete loss over the lateral patellar facet and small amount of bone bruising.

I'm still doing my exercises as much as I can.  My knee is bending a bit better but still not fully, can be quite painful to bend, it still feels very stiff and not very stable when walking (I'm currently walking with 1 or 2 crutches), and still quite swollen. I'm going back to the Fracture clinic in January, as they told me in October I would need more bend in my knee before considering keyhole surgery of shaping the cartilage.

Just wondering if anyone has or is experiencing the same?

Thanks for any replies,

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Re: Problem after patella dislocation
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2005, 01:16:54 PM »
Hi Lisa,

Yes I've had similar problems in the past, a couple of times it was just because the quads had wasted so much that my knee was completely weak, I had to start doing quad tightening without lifting until I was strong enough to lift as well.  One time though it was because I had torn my ACL which had caused major problems.  If your knee is still swollen this could account for the lack of ROM, make sure you RICE regularly.  See what the MRI brings back first and then if things don't improve go back again for further investigations.  Good luck.

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Re: Problem after patella dislocation
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2005, 01:58:13 PM »
Hello There.
 Before my accident I had one bad knee. It had dislocated four times. I know just how you feel. I  wore the brace and did the crutches and one od the times I was pergant when she went. That was very hard. I have a peoblem with it to this day. It goes out and I have someone yank it back in and I do the crutch thing for a few days. The stiffness for mine is the brace and lack of use. I have had it to go out since in accident, so I do my exercises on both them. I also wear a knee support on itSome people are aflicted with dislocation problems, but you dr is right by doing the tests. Try to use a heating pad to relax it before getting up and you can do some heal slides to get the knee used to bending. Ask PT first. I hope  you get better soon. B.S.
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Re: Problem after patella dislocation
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2005, 03:30:26 PM »
Sounds like you had a particularly bad one (dislocation). I know sometimes when my patella dislocated-- it's sore, swollen and hard to use for a couple of weeks, but there have also been times when it's taken months to get back to "normal". Sounds like you're getting care and doing everything right. Hope your MRI doesn't turn up anything bad!