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Author Topic: Pain from local novacaine (before SUPARTZ injection) intolerable, this normal?  (Read 2342 times)

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I went for my first injection of Supartz last week, and the OS would not do the injection, but had his assistant do it. She first sprayed a local on the outside of the knee and then put in the needle, when she injected a little bit of the novacaine (might have been lidocaine, not sure, but one of those), I thought I would fly off the table in pain. She then said she would wait at that spot for a couple of seconds and give the novacaine a chance to work. She then went in a little bit further and again after the small amount she injected, I almost told her to forget the whole thing it was so painful.

When she finally finished, I was a wreck in anticipation of the real drug yet to come.

Is this normal to experience such pain??? Would I be better off, forgoing the novacaine and having her go right in with the Supartz? Would a RX of vicodin or some thing else before hand help?

I am dreading my next injection this friday, and have been freaking out in anticipation of the pain to come. Any information or thoughts, would be much appreciated.

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When I had my one and only cortizone shot, they sprayed the novacaine stuff on my skin then went right in witht he cortizone. Serious ouch, would not do this again. My point is that it is different for everyone but personally, I would not do the novacaine shot first (unless you didnt feel the other shot at all). IN my experience, all shots into joints hurt but I have read where other people have no pain at all. I guess I am just one of the unlucky ones.

good luck

ps, why not discuss this with your OS at your next appt. Maybe he will do the injection himself (mine did and it still hurt bad lol)
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If you go to the Supartz web site i think they say not to use the novacaine I had 5 shots of the Supartz it worked great for me very little pain but the Doctor did mine I would think the Doctor should be doing the shots that is what he is getting paid for and big bucks at that I'm sure.I did have an HMO at the time and found out later the co-pay was $65.00 a shot not the $35.00 I was led to belive so at $65.00 a shot the Doctor better be doing them.

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Today was my fourth injection, they just use the spray to numb the site.  The needle penetration is not what hurts me but the Supartz going in.  Doc did the first shot and his assistants have done the others but he does come in and mark the location he wants injected.  Wasn't so sure after the third injection that I was going to finish because they are painful, but it has really helped my knee, I'm glad that I only have 1 left.