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Author Topic: LR seems to be a success!  (Read 2373 times)

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LR seems to be a success!
« on: October 04, 2005, 03:23:10 PM »

To cut a long story short, I was born with tilted kneecaps, which was not diagnosed until last year. I was informed that I needed them looking at, and thus was placed on the NHS waiting list for a knee arthroscopy.

I had my arthroscopy in February this year (2005), and was informed that my knees are wearing away prematurely, because the kneecaps do not sit straight in the femoral groove.

In 20 years or so, I should need partial knee replacements (just the patello-femoral joints) as the level of wear is so bad. I'm turning 32 next Monday and I have the knees of a sixty-year-old, apparently.

As a "holding operation", I was offered a lateral release. I had this performed on my left knee on 4th August this year (2005). When this has fully recovered, I shall be having the same procedure on the right knee.

Post-op, things seem to have been going well. I was off my crutches after only a couple of days, and was able to walk fully unaided up and down stairs after one week.
I had 4 weeks off work on sick leave, and on the final Saturday of my leave I even went to a club in London, that's open all through the night!
I started gentle weight-bearing exercises after the fifth week, using 5lb leg weights instead of my usual 10lb. After two weeks of this, I moved up to 10lb and found everything was okay.
In my eighth week, my PT said I could return to gym training (I'd been itching to go back to the gym since the fifth week!) and that I should take things easy, as he felt that the op had been "such a success, we don't want it getting aggravated". While I was told that I will always have a slight tilt, it's "simply the way I was made", thre is a marked difference in the two knees now. The right knee, which is still awaiting surgery, looks almost POINTED due to the angle of my kneecap. The left knee, however, looks flatter, straighter.

I've been to the gym twice already, and there is no aggravation to the joint when I exercise. Naturally I'm not yet up to my pre-op level but that will come with time. I'm due to see my surgeon again in December for my 3 month check-up ( I saw him 5 weeks post-op and he said things were going very well).

So while this op is one to relieve the symptoms of a larger problem, generally speaking, it seems to have been a success. Time will tell.... :)
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Re: LR seems to be a success!
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2005, 07:11:06 PM »
Akam, great to hear your story. Hope the outcome will be a succees.

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Re: LR seems to be a success!
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2005, 07:22:50 PM »


It is wonderful to hear that you have had such a great recovery so far.† Hopefully, this will be the same result for your next LR surgery.† It is good to hear a good story about a Lateral Release surgery.