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Author Topic: knees stinging  (Read 1176 times)

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knees stinging
« on: September 30, 2005, 09:44:32 AM »
Hi i am verry new to this but can someone inform me.

12 weeks ago i had stinging in my knees more on the left
than on the righ hand side.

Some 15 years ago i did my ligaments on my left leg
it stung like nettles under it, i have aways done my quad
exersises and have got by with little problem (no pains).
Anyway i was getting some ankle pain and knee pain and
when walking i got a shooting pain up my left hand
side of my back.
We went on holiday and my knees felt realy wobberly with
(no back pains felt) but my knees stung like hell.
my left knee feels like it is moving forward more than the right
and my ankle feels turning in.
and i have had some movement forward in my left knee.

when we got home off holiday i felt a pop in the inside of my knee
on the left leg (still with no back pain)
then all of a sudden because i was walking over on my right leg to counteract for my
left leg i started to get upper back pains which have now subsided a bit.
i have had x rays and they said my cartlidge looks ok with no authritus,but i may
have torn my manisculars on the inside of my left leg.

since all this happend my kneck has been cracking cos im not quite walking upright
has anyone got the same or any info.
They put me on an MRI scanner and i am awaiting results cos i cant walk verry
far without my sticks.
it hurts your ankles and feet because shoes are a problem.
can you get authritus in 12 weeks
regards john

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Re: knees stinging
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2005, 10:45:54 AM »
hi john i,m really sorry to hear about the suffering you are going through.

john i think your symptoms from the muscle sare caused  around your knee concentrate around the knee by massaging upwards towards your heart slowly try & find a spot where its sore or tender to touch & do NOT massage that section .but massaging around the slowly helps blood flow which is good .

also take it easy dont do any jumping or twisting until you get this sorted ,when i had acl injury i wore a tubigrip around my knee when it usedt to hurt it helps alsio slowly stretching the leg helps de-contract the muscles around the knee

note..this isnt a cure just a way to help you ease the pain on your knee

good luck john

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Re: knees stinging
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2005, 11:14:27 AM »
Hey there
Im sorry you are having troubles.  Im not sure that I am much help and really all you can do is wait and see what the MRI results bring.  I had a pooping sensation in my knee when I hurt it too.... I knew exactly what it was because I'd had the same thing happen to my ankle.  However, because I sdidnt have any swelling or pain, it took some work before I finally found a Dr who knew what had happened.  I'd torn my ACL.  Infact when we got in to have a look it was completly ruptured.  I had no pain or swelling, but my kne wsa really wobbly. 

Knee injuries affect people very differently. Even the same knee injury can affect people to varing degrees.  I know people who cant move with ACL tears, and yet if it wasnt for the unstable knee I'd have been fine.  I think what wushuman says is right, take it really easy, no jumping, or twsiting until you sort it out.  I was very wary of my knee when I hurt it.... not running no sport, nothing.  as it turned out I only had the ACL rupture to worry about because I'd been careful there was no further damamge to my knee. 

Good luck finding out what is going on

Torn ACL December 04
ACL Reco May 05
Cleared to return to sport May 06