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Author Topic: for anyone scared of having acl reconstruction READ THIS!!!  (Read 10539 times)

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for anyone scared of having acl reconstruction READ THIS!!!
« on: September 30, 2005, 01:50:15 AM »
hello all i hope you read all of this carefully as i will be sharing a little personal life experience ,,

i,m 31yrs old now ,,about 12yrs ago i recieved a kick on my side of the knee which caused my acl to die! it was ripped apart & miniscus damage bigtime , the reason being i was doing martial arts since the age of 6 yrs old ,,i was sparring with a student & he kicked at the point i was twisting on feet basically bad timing for my acl,
i suffered dearly for this mistake for a long time 3months i remember i coudnt even step on my leg which i damamged. when i was at the hospital they said i tore my acl & i have damamged my miniscus so thats why its painful for me to walk or step on it as the mniscus was catching on causing pain for me & swelling wasnt going away. i thought to myself after all of this pain at the age of 19yrs my martials arts is over ,,i was so sad & depressed about this,also i,m on cruthes ,the hospital which was helping me wasnt giving me good news at all ,,there telling me waiting lists etc
i have a tournament in 2 months time & i,m on cruthes..

i spoke to my parents about this & asked them to help me ,they found me a good Os & he checked my leg etc this is 5 months after injury he said the same thing as the hospital so no more nasty surprises came along ,he said that i can apply for a acl reconstruction to be done & remove the tear in my miniscus ,,that will fix my leg ,,but he said ,,,u need to do rehab etc & your field of sports it will take u minimum 1yr to reover fully to kick & do splits again etc .

when he told me all this my dreams were shatterred i thought thats it i have to wait god knows how long for op & another 1yr for leg to recover
i,m in big trouble now..
about 1 & hlf yr later i get letter from hospital to see the Os i went ,,but by all this time i gave up because the leg was finished it had no power left in it ,,i coudnt kick it would flip or they called it the trick knee,,anyways i gave upp all martial arts all sports all toghther from a six pack to a belly i ended up a cabbage in a way ,,i changed my whole life because of this injury & i had no money to get it done private..but deep in my heart i had my heart set on martial arts but i coudnt do it anymore

it was especially frustrating to train someone &not do the trick yourself,the stupid thing was i can still do the box splits but not the straight split as the torn acl would ache like hell ,,i coudnt believe that little ligament does that much work

i had athroscopy done at 22yrs age ,,thxs NHS!!!!!! speedy help
same crap acl tear miniscus damage it took 5 days after athroscopy for full recovery  2 little holes on my knee area

again no offer for acl reconstruction even tho i begged many times they didnt weant to do it i guess
i,m 24yrs old i recieve another letter from hospital to see Os hmmm from 19 to 24 yrs old they remembered me:D i went there to hear what crap there going to say now
when i said look i,m usedt to my leg being like this  i no how to control it without it flopping out & hurting me
the Os said ok that was it i left it at that as my mind has changed over the yrs & there were times i even forgot the leg was injured as i got so usedt to it
by the age of 27 yrs old i have spoken to a lot of people with similar injuries to mine & most had acl repair done to there leg & asked them how they felt they said dont get it done etc it will make your leg worse bla bla bla i,m thinking to myself what are they saying?
again as yrs have passed my heart wasnt set anymore on getting my leg fixed as i was working full time my gf had a baby so my intrests were with my family ,,no more martial arts etc,,only talk about it or show people my forms etc but i coudnt physically do it anymore my stamina endurance etc was all down the drain
my ambition in life was to be a martial arts instructor
& help people etc ,that was my whole goal in life i,m not a materiliastic person ,but for the mistake i done with my leg i am still suffering it all these yrs ..
the acl ligament hasnt repaired itself at all ,,but the pain was gone & certain angles coudnt be done with my leg otherwise the thing called trick knee would occur which was a crunching sound & pain pain pain ,,,then swelling i even had fluid drained from my leg many times because of this which was more painfull having a fat needle stuck in your knee..
anyways i,m 29 yr old now i landed a security job in a hospital admin the security etc,,anyways

this is were my life changes ,,,,,,i recieved a emergency call to the fracture clinic ,,a man was upset  with a nurse he attacked her ,,,i rushed there & saw it was serious ,,,the man hit the woman & grabbed a chair to hit anyone that approaches him ,,next to him children sitting etc ,,,all the doctors in the clincs are looking i,m on my own no other security there yet,
i tried to calm him down ,no joy so i used my skills & i dunno why i ran towards him & gave him a round house kick in his head :D:D ,i didnt do that in yrs after doing that my knee came out of place i was in pain ,,,i fell to the ground holding my knee ,,,but the guy was out stone cold so no worries there
all the nurses rushed to see wha t happened they were apllauding me ,,,then one of the doctors came up to me & asked if he can look at my knee i said i have acl injury i had this injury long time it will pass soon i said

he helped me up put me in on his bench to check my leg ,,i said its ok but he insisted
we got talking etc ,he was doing some unusual tests which no other doctor has done ,,he was twisintg my knee in ways that would make it come out i was amazed at his skills i said to him i was a martial artisits until i injured m,y leg etc,,he said look ,,your still young if u want i can help you with this as you work here & i always see you about ,,i can push this sao i can op on you within a few months ,,but you must prepare your leg i.e strenthen etc ,,,because i want you to recover fully & stop using crutches within 3 weeks after op so its better to prepare yourself etc..
i was in tears inside from happiness at the thought of having a normal leg again
because deep inside me since this happened i was mentally weak & i lost alot confidence in myself and my abilities,

i said can i think about this & get back to you he said offcourse but let me no within a couple of day as i,m going away ,i really thought about it & spoke to my gf etc ,,,i thought to my self i will off work for atleast 4months ,but if it succeeds i can return to my sports

anyways i decided i want it done,,i spoke to the doctor ,,i also investigated him apparently he is very good Os etc ..i,m thinking this is a stroke of luck good timing now :D:D

the day finally came for the op ,,,which was 2 months after saying yes to him:D

i went in there he welcomed me to the bed i will staying for the night,,,& told me what he will do etc & also told me what to expect after operation .i,m thinking to myself this guy is a angel
i had the operation done finally!!!!! after 12 yrs:D
when i woke up in the ward i noticed my leg was MEGA swollen with a brace on it
first thing i did was to move my ankle on my newly repaired leg which was a success but i felt very weak due to just being operated on
after a few hrs pain starting kicking in etc,,i coudnt get up not even to go toilet etc,,i felt awful.
with the help of painkillers etc, i fell asleep & the next day after opearation i was discharged after i saw the doctor who opearated on my leg
i was given some basic excersises to do when at home etc ,but i coudnt do nothing because of the staples in my knee i rang him & told him this he said ok rebooked me in earlier when i got there he was amazed to see that the scar tissuse helaed very quickly & bandaging & the staples were to me remvoed so it helps it heal quicker ,,,when he removed the staples it was a relief ,,,this is after a week the operation ,,,he said i usually only do this after 2 weeks
i also told him i have no function of my leg
he said give it time take it easy rest & just work on the leg slowly etc

2 weeks after the opearation i felt so much better i stopped all pain killers all anti inflamatorys etc,,i was using the brace to aid me in training my leg ,,,the first thing i did was to hold the leg with my hands & shift it up & down slowly the more i done it the quicker the leg got stronger etc the only thing is the scar tissue was stiff which i will tell you how to deal with that aswell

4 weeks after opearation i stopped using crutches & was walking quite nicely i regained total control of my leg on the third week with the aid of my own personal training i havent been physio yet still waiting for the appointment THXS NHS!!!!

7 weeks i,m training everyday only using the aid of the brace as the acl ligament was feeling weak as time went by i got worried about this ,,so i took it more slowly ,but i didnt let that stop me i kept trainiing on that leg

8 weeks the acl ligament felt like it was going to snap each time i tried to do the simplest of things it was feeling bad ,,i got worried it was going to fail or something i rang the Os who fixed my leg   
saw me straight away ,,,he examined my leg to find that the knee cap was a little stiff,,he smiled & said have you been massaging the knee cap? i said nope i never touch it ,he said you should & he showed me what to do ,,,when i done it the pain was gone i coudnt believe it it was my knee cap getting stiff
he said wasnt i shown this in physio i said what physio ?? i havent been yet he looked at me with amazement
& said nothing i knew he wont as its not his fault its NHS!!!!

9 weeks i decided to return to martial arts but i coudnt kick or do rapid running or dynamic things etc
as it was still too early ,,got myself a nice mountain bike & started on that slowly sitting only never stand and ride ..after riding my bike i started streching out both my legs ,,it felt nice then a nice cool down so you dont create lactic acid in your muscles.i stopped eating red meat etc , was returning slowly back to my old ways of eating which helped alot as i started losing fat quickly

11 weeks the pain in my knee was gone forever infact no more pains i was doing the splits etc i was balancing on both legs they both seem fine.the scar tissue was stil a little stiff but didnt bother me as i was pleased my leg was working how it should be ,,,i zstill kept the brace on just in case ,,,as i no deep in my heart there might not be pain but it doesnt mean it cant get injured again quickly

i was walking perfectly normal no one would know i had op if i never told them no pain no where in my leg

12 weeks my appointment came for my physio??? i found it amuzing yet sad because if i never knew what i no i would still be in bed with a dead leg!!!!!
i went there walking !!!! no brace !!! when i told them who i was they looked at me with amazement ,,,& asked to look at my leg io said sure
they took me to the training room i already was wearing trainers & tracksuit as i walked there fast pace as part of my training. they asked me when i had op etc i showed them the discharge paper,,then i said can i show you something i went on the floor & done the splits the physician smiled & said thats cool ,i was asking him about the scar tissue as it was very stiff he said that over time that will flatten out & asked me how i got my leg this good in such short time i got up & explained to him what i did ,,he shook my hand & said well done etc ,,,i also made a leaflet for him with training tips with pics to go with it for other acl ops who need the same rehab he loved it i went my way
never went to rehab again after that

18 weeks appointment for my leg again to see progress with OS

he done some laxitivity tests etc, i showed him how well my leg is he was verry happy with my progress
then all of sudden i had the sudden urge to cry & hug him as i was so happy my leg was getting better by the day
i did hug him & thanked him so much
he was touched ,:D

i went back to my old martial arts club to see my trainer there & spoke to him etc
i restarted training but taking things very slowly ,,,no foot work as it was too early ,,but mainly working on looseing up & strenghning the leg was my main priorty which i stuck at it for 5 days a week 2 hrs a day
& i was rewarded for my hard work each day as it got better

4 months my beer belly was gone:D i,m slowly jogging everyday i do bike riding ,i do alot of streching etc,no pain in the knee or trick knee

1 yr later
i,m 100000% fine ,,,the leg is better than it was before it feels solid firm rock ,,,when i kick it smashes :D
i have become my old self again my average speed at kicking straight is at 56mph now!!!! not bad for a leg that done no training for 12yrs & had a acl repair:D
i,m so happy ,,,i can kick a baseball bat in half now with this leg & not even the slightest pain at all
also another thing i have become a much better martial artist than i was before the injury i guess it makes u think & appreciate who you really are & how precious the human body is so please take care of your self

& i hope  havent bored you as i just wanted to explain my own nightmare of what happened to me because of a acl injury

this one injury even affected my career my whole life
but atleast the almighty finally felt sorry for me & helped me ,,thank you lord :D

i left my job & now run my own club ,which i teach martial arts & yoga etc,,i am so happy finally

i look after my legs & train them well & the doctor who helped me i owe him bigtime bless him

again thank you for reading this i hope this will help someone in some way

thank you

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Re: for anyone scared of having acl reconstruction READ THIS!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2005, 03:46:56 AM »
Congrats to you mate. It sounds like everything worked out in the end.  ;)
May 05 - Injury playing Rugby League; Torn Lateral Meniscus, High Grade partial tear to ACL
August 05 - Partial Lateral Meniscectomy
ACL Reconstruction - November 28th 2006

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Re: for anyone scared of having acl reconstruction READ THIS!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2005, 04:18:31 AM »
WOW - Wushuman,

What a post - am happy for you.   God works in mysterious ways!  You probably had to be in the right place at the right time - to perhaps save some child or someone from getting hurt.  If you didn't have the injury you probably would have never landed at the job where you met this OS.  You had to wait an awful long time to follow your dream but they do say God's time is not our time.  This confirms to me that everything happens for a reason.  Thanks for such a positive post - good luck with your "career".  You finally have it back again!  By the way, keep my daughter in your prayers - please.

Take care!


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Re: for anyone scared of having acl reconstruction READ THIS!!!
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2005, 09:02:13 AM »
hello again :)
lisa i,m sorry to hear about your daughters problem with her leg ,i have a daughter aswell & i feel for you especially if she needs acl reconstruction like me but i hope it doesnt come to that i hope.

i just wanted to say to all of you nice people on here with similar problems to what i had is dont leave it too long if its confirmed that you have a acl injury get it sorted asap as delaying it makes it harder for you to recover .also if you have the trick knee problem which was my baddest problem ,trick knee means instability of the knee laxitivity loosnes of the knee joint due to the acl being torn & not doing its job ,,very painful experience when it occurs

get it treated please theres nothing to be scared of for the operation .

its been nearly 1 yr 3months since i had acl reconstruction done & my miniscus cleared up.
i am now in full time training which consists of:

6 days a week 3-4 hrs of training

running ,,,swimming,bike riding ,,strectching,martial arts,wheight training,
i havent a single problem now with my knee it feels so good i thank god for his kindness :D
& since i have fully recovered my gf proposed to me :D ,& now my little daughter which is 6 yrs old had her first grading in tae-kwon-do,& she can do the splits:D .,,daddy's little girl

thats all from me again ,thxs for all the replys good luck to all of you & if anyone need any advise on acl rehab or you want a safe training regime while you wait for a appointment like i did for ages email me ,,ill be glad to help