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Author Topic: Steriod Injection  (Read 713 times)

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Steriod Injection
« on: September 22, 2005, 04:29:09 AM »
So here's the deal, i've had three surgeries so far, two to remove plicas, one in each knee and one to remove scar tissue in my left knee and I've had too many rounds of PT to count at this point. My last surgery was to remove scar tissue, i was put on a cpm machine for 2 weeks, 6 hours a day and then i followed that with about two months of PT. The surgery was in Feburary, so things had been going pretty well, my OS told me i could stop going to PT and he wanted me to try and work my way back up to running. So the first time i got on the treadmil it was great, my knee was good and besides tight calves I was fine afterwards. So about a week later i tried to run again and it was pretty bad, my tendonitis starting acting up and the area around my knee cap was pretty painful. So i went back to my OS and he suggested trying a steriod injection, and i went along with it hoping i could at least have a week or so painfree. So he gave me the first injection to numb the area and then he told me i wouldn't feel the next one, but i did, this may sound stupid but i thought i could like feel the needle hit my knee cap, it was just this weird sensation and it hurt really bad. So after the injection he asked me if it felt any different and i said no, so he just told me that it make take some time for it to set in. So we scheduled another appointment for a month later and left. Well i got home and my knee was killing me, it felt like it had when i was running, and then for the past week at school it's been doing all sorts of snapping and locking, and it's been really painful. And i know i've heard that some people have negative responses to steriod injections and i guess i was just curious as to why that is? Like does it suggest something about your condition or is it just randomn. I'd apreciate hearing from anyone who has any advice or has gone through anything similiar. Thank you in advance
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Re: Steriod Injection
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2005, 03:10:12 PM »

Hi.  I am having knee surgery in 6 weeks and last week while at my O.S. office he asked me if I would like to try a cortisone shot.  He said that it helped a lot of people.  I did opt for the shot, but they told me that it would get worse that evening before getting better.  I got the shot at about l:00 in the afternoon and was 3 hours from home.  I also went shopping with my mom.  Well, as the afternoon wore on my knee got much worse.  In fact, she had to push me in a wheel chair in one of the stores.  It was so painful.  I iced it when I got home as they instructed.  But by the next day it was feeling much better.  It has offered me much relief in the last week.  The pain during the shot wasn't bad either. they sprayed a numbing  medicine on the outside before they gave the shot.  I'm sorry you didn't have relief, and, that night I did feel the weird sensation in my kneecap, like it was moving around a lot.  but is better now.  Hope you feel better.

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Re: Steriod Injection
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2005, 03:23:41 PM »
I had a cortizone shot also and was 4 1/2 hrs away from home. It was the most painful thing that I have ever done. the drive home was pure hell. I prayed the whole way home. My knee was much worse for about 3 days (I could barely walk) and then, nothing. It did not help me at all.
Some people swear by them but I wont do that again. good luck
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