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Author Topic: Bone graft operation & deterioration of good knee  (Read 792 times)

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Bone graft operation & deterioration of good knee
« on: September 18, 2005, 03:43:19 PM »
Hi all,

I just wondered if anyone had had surgery, where bone was taken from another part of the body for the healing process.  I had bone taken from my hip to repair a shattered right collar bone, and they forgot to turn the drain on, what with my shattered left patella, i favoured the right side, and since then i have had pain from the bone graft site when i walk, has anyone else had this problem.  Also since my knee injury, the other knee seems to have deteriorated, my original accident was 3 years ago, but my other knee has had to compensate through many surgeries, my other knee grates, i am, upset that the rest of the body deteriorates, when injured, can i do anything to preserve my good knee, sorry two questions, can anyone offer any advice

thanks claire
Jan 2003, Car Accident, compound fracture of L Patella,(tension, band wiring, screws) fractured R clavicle, Facial injuries.
Jan 03, open wound wash out, then closed
2004 Metal work removed from knee (3 knee ops)
Many other non knee ops(May 05 clavicle op to have plate out)


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Re: Bone graft operation & deterioration of good knee
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2005, 01:18:22 PM »

Sorry you have had such pain.  Do you go for therapy at all?  Just wondering because I have found that some of the treatments there actually really help with pain.  I really like the ultrasound treatments - they promote soft tissue healing and there are other types of treatments available also....

Just a thought,