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New to Forum
« on: September 19, 2005, 05:07:57 AM »
I'm not crazy after all I had a TLK 8/2/04 very glad to find others that have pain so long after this great surgery that is suppose to fix everything.Hope you all do not take it wrong about what  I said about having pain. I was begining to think i was crazy how can plastic and metal hurt?
I had my TLK done on 8/2/04 on 8/20/04 sever pain left buttock found out much later I had a herniated disk,2bulging disk,spinal stenosis, My dr did a spinal for my knee surgery I had asked him not to he asured me everything would be fine,the hospital I was at had a Total Joint floor the only patients there had Total Knees & HIps. You were suppose to meet twice a day to exercise together and cheer each other on great concept but when it came to me all i did is sleep though the exercises even with my coach trying to keep me awake.Went home on the 4th day the pain pills I was sent home with did not help went though the total knee mostly on Advil I do not recomend it.The Siaticia keep me from doing some of the exercises I should have been doing for the TLK. Was doing faily well till recently my knee has swollen up pain on the outside in back of the knee?Now have no health insurance so just up a creek I guess back to Advil also both ankles are swollen? If I keep my leg up for the swelling when I put it down the pain in back is very,very,bad now back to using a cane.Help to finely tell someone that might understand.


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Re: New to Forum
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2005, 01:15:00 PM »

Welcome to the board.

Have you noticed the section called 'Arthritis Deptartment' - then look for 'Total Knee Replacement'. 

There are people in that section who could relate to what you are going through and could also help with your questions.

Good luck to you,