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Author Topic: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling  (Read 1069 times)

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Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« on: September 18, 2005, 01:50:39 AM »
This is my first post. I have had knee problems for many years, no surgery, PT/cordisone shots/
pain management. In May developed extreme pain in left leg, now unable to straighten. Leg
gives out without warning. I went to my Primary Care who sent me for an MRI. Came back severe
arthritis and front and back meniscus tears. She sent me to an OS. More xrays and examinations.
He recommends TKR. Sets me up with another OS in his practice. I visited him on Thursday. He
was rude, negative, and down right nasty. In one hour he never said one encouraging thing to me. He did however schedule me for a TKR. Never explained the procedure or possible positive outcome, only what could go wrong.  I am having BIG second thoughts. I am being encouraged by a friend to seek a second or third opinion. My mobility is very limited now. I have
a limp and suffer pain every day. Can't sleep at night. I need some advice from people who have
dealt with these issues. If anyone has any advice I am listening. I am also overweight. Which I know contributes to all of the above. However, cannot lose weight overnight.  Thanks     

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Re: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2005, 02:55:06 AM »
Hi grammygail,

Boy, I'v been down that "Here's all the bad stuff you'll get from this procedure" road. OUCH! No wonder we rather take what's behind door number two! My simple advice is to get another opinion. Even if a TKR is what is appropriate for you, it is vital to have an OS whom you respect, trust, and feel has your best interests at heart. If you aren't fully confident, then you owe it to yourself to seek other opinions.

That being said, it certainly sounds like doing nothing is NOT an option! So please, don't just drop this and continue in the pain you are in. So many of us have gone through the same waters, and you will find many here who can offer you advice, encouragement and perhaps even the name of a good OS or two. Please hang in there and don't give up!

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Re: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2005, 02:57:52 AM »
I totally agree with your friend. I am not in the medical profession so I cant give you any advise,  medical wise but I would get a second if not third and forth opinion. It is unusual to go straight to TKR but I am sure that it happens. IF you do not feel comfortable with your OS, you are setting yourself up for a miserable time. You need someone who will listen to you and talk to you and that you have confidence in.
good luck and keep us posted
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Re: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2005, 03:18:08 AM »
Thanks Liz and Missy for the advice. This is the first time I have ever participated in a forum. I have been so discouraged today that I checked the web for info and found this site. It was very upsetting when I left the OS office on Thursday.  While I was hopeful to get some relief I hated the way I had been treated and was overwhelmed with fear about the surgery. Especially considering I did not hear any good news. I had done some TKR research on line before this appointment and was totally surprised I did not hear much of the information from him that I found on the web. Just talk of infection, blood clots, nerve damage etc. and then he said "  so are you ready to sign the consent form now?" After coming home and thinking about it my anxiety has tripled.     

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Re: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2005, 05:26:32 AM »
Hello Grammygail,

I agree totally with the others about finding a new doctor and getting a second opinion. 

Alsol, I would like to invite you to join a group of us that have all had (or about to have ) a TKR.  A while back I noticed that three of us were about to have a TKR at about the same time, so we stated a thread called

" TKR - March 2005 - Lets keep in touch"

located in the arthritis section.  Over time, several others have joined in and now it has become more of a support group for anyone having a TKR.  So if you are interested in chatting with others that have had a TKR, please feel free to stop by.   If you are interested you can just click on the link below and it will take you there.

Second of all, I suggest you find a doctor that you really like that does LOTS of TKR each year.  I am currently seeing a doctor that limits his entire practice to joint replacement.  My first TKR was done be an OS that does all types of knee surgeries.  My new doctor is so much more knowledgeable on TKR, I was amazes at the difference. 
If you have a TKR you will have a long recovery in which you will need to see you doctor often.  Pick a doctor you trust and can talk with. 

We can give you lots of other suggestion about how to prepare for this surgery if you decide to have it.  So please feel free to stop by.  Good luck.

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Re: Scheduled For A TKR But Cancelling
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2005, 06:38:06 AM »
Dear grammygail, IT sounds llike you saw an OS just like the one I have spent three years with suffering. AND REGARDLESS, of how many opinions and WHAT kind of OS, there is still the possibility that things will not go well. I am sure that is obvious to you, if you have read ANY of the post under TKR. Many may start out, saying how much better they feel, and things are going, but before long ALMOST EVERYONE is having problems, from not proper flexion, extension, to ongoing pain, long after the dr. wants to take them off pain meds.
But then this is a site where people tend to post questions, and seek help, rahter than go on ang on about how great things are going. You can learn about some things ahead of time to avoid, also. I have grown tired of reading about problems, and relating mine,but am more than willing to help answer any questions you have, from the patient, and the RN point of view. Many times financiail hurdles are the biggest when it come to finding a qualified, compassionate physcian.The best advice I can offer you regarding this issue is to remember that not ALL cases are the same, and DON't LET YOUR KNEE DOMINATE every minute of your life and live only knees!. I, too, have severe DJD, and have had a tkr, and revision, and need another tkr, and two hip replacements, plus the OA in my neck, may require surgery, IF i am not careful, I will starat to only think about my knees,hips, and continuous pain,and get NO Joy out of life. I, too, urge you to see OS until you find one that you like, trust,and has a good medical track record.They say for referral to ask please patients, or nurses. I wish you the bes of luck. teresa
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