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Author Topic: MCL strain that is lingering for 3 months  (Read 2269 times)

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MCL strain that is lingering for 3 months
« on: September 17, 2005, 04:09:47 AM »
Please, any help or advice welcome.  I am not sure how I injured my knee, but perhaps bending in garden, weeding etc,,or too much fresbee with the dog.  The initial injury was silent.  Next day severe swelling and constant throbbing for two weeks.  X-ray showed nothing unsual.  To an othropedic who injscted the MCL area with Kenalog.  Some relief for a few days.  Then I went to see s sports specialist here in Tampa, Florida who is the Doc for the Tampa Bay Lightening, our Hockey team here.  He said the MRI was of poor quality but though he saw bone bruising and "junk" behind the patella.  He injected into the joint behind the patella.  Good relief for 10 days.  So he decided no scope for a look see.  Now after 2 weeks it is back with a vengence.  I have been doing specific target exercises for the MCL plus the heat and ice.  Motrin 800mg three times a day for the inflammation. I have to remind my self not to limp.  It seems worse after I sit for any period of time and get up to walk around.  MRI showed sprain of the MCL and fluid effusions all compartments.  My real question is just how long will this hurt and heal to the point where there is no pain with just simple walking?   Melissa :(

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Re: MCL strain that is lingering for 3 months
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2005, 04:33:17 AM »

Sorry to hear about your injury.  I tore my MCL in April and also dislocated my patella.  The doc said that the MCL pain could linger for as long as a year.  I luckily didn't have to have surgery but now almost 5 months later I till have alot of pain in my joint.  Some from the patella subluxing but I still have pain in my MCL area also.  I'm not sure about a strain but I would assume that it could stick with ya' for a while.  Hope this helps.

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