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Author Topic: Some questions newbie questions about patellar tendonosis.  (Read 4582 times)

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Some questions newbie questions about patellar tendonosis.
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:49:19 PM »
I messed up my knee playing basketball back in May and saw a doctor.  He thought I had a torn meniscus, I had all the symptoms except for my knee locking or giving away and I got referred to a sports medicine doc (Not an Orthopedic Surgeon/specialist) who did a pe and diagnosed me with patellar tendonosis and Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome (this was about 3/4 weeks after the injury). 

I was told it would heal in about 3 weeks and was given what I think are isometric quad exercises. (I was told to straighten my leg then contract the muscle at the top of the knee and do 10 reps 3 times a day.)  I did the quad exercises for a little bit then stopped as I didn't feel they were really doing anything. 

The pain level wasn't too high and I didn't see an other doc over the summer and continued to work as normal (I am constantly walking and going up and down stairs at my job) but I did not exercise.  I was able to work through any pain from my knee and decided to just live with it over the summer. 

When summer ended and fall quarter started at my university in September I decided to go back to my campus health center and got prescribed 800mg of ibuprofen was told to do the exercises the sports medicine doc gave me and to come back in 3 weeks.  Nothing changed... 

Then was told I need to see an orthopedist and see about getting imaging done.  So now I am seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon next Thursday.

I had a few questions about the injury/treatment.

Is it normal to feel a tearing sensation where the tendon is? (This is when the pain is at it's worst not even the ibuprofen helps when this happens.  It's not all the time either usually when I have been walking around a lot or I did something to incur the wrath of my knee.)

What is the best method for going up and down stairs?

For you side sleepers out there like me what position do you find most comfortable for sleeping?  (I cannot sleep on my back and when I side sleep I have a tendency to bend my legs which hurts.)

What can I expect to happen when I first see the Orthopedist? (I have never been to one before)

How often is surgery used to correct this? (I don't know all the risks from tenotomy or debridement but I think I would rather just do the surgery than "waste" time doing conservative options like PRP which don't seem to really "cure" the issue.)

Finally, How do you make diving more comfortable?  Among stairs and walking I mean hobbling around and sitting at desks driving is one of the things that really drives my knee crazy....

Thanks for any answers or other comments/tips!

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    • My patellar tendinosis
Re: Some questions newbie questions about patellar tendonosis.
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2015, 06:25:00 AM »
Tearing sensations are normal,  I had those in the beginning. I should say normal for tendinosis, but obviously we don't want that to happen.   But there's not much you can do about sensations.  I've had giving way, but not locking.

Did you get an MRI?  Any update?

Sleeping doesn't both me.   Yours might be another issue, or a second issue
11/2012 R patellar tendon injury, immediate quad atrophy
12/2012 MRI- tendinosis
1/2013- OS- Patellar tendinitis and Chondromalacia
3/2013 L Patellar tendon pop, no quad atrophy
7/5/13   Normal MRI, right knee tendinosis cured!