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Author Topic: what is really wrong with my knee?!  (Read 1181 times)

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what is really wrong with my knee?!
« on: September 14, 2005, 03:52:22 PM »
Hi - Iam new tothis website so please forgive me if I post this incorrectly.

I have a "knee problem" - that is, so far undiagnosed by my local hospital. I ama dancer / actress / circus entertainer so my knees are very important to me!
Back in February I was in a dance class and my knee gave way, immediately swelling around the bottom of my kneecap, and it was very difficult to walk. My local hospital x-rayed it and put me in a knee brace for 2-3 weeks. They mumbled something about the tendons and set me on my way.
Over 6 months later, an MRI scan has shown "fluid" and "swelling" and I still have trouble with my knee every day- especially when sitting with my legs at a 90* angle (at a desk), or after long periods of driving. The Specialists are confused when I say I'm not in pain - just almost constant discomfort. The phrase "patellar tendonitis" has been mentioned but so far the medical profession have been non-commital about everything.

Someone please help me! Will a patellar strap helpordothey cause other issues? Issurgery the answer? I am at my wits end as I don't see a solution.

Amber xxx