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Author Topic: [color=Green]Glucosamine & MSMs following ACL reconstruction - a good idea? [/co  (Read 1504 times)

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I’ve seen on some threads the possibility of a conflict between the use of Glucosamine and MSM to combat OA, when the patient has undergone ACL reconstruction ???.   I have had ACL reconstruction, and partial lateral menisectomy, which I think may have torn further recently on return to sport (hockey on astroturf) 15 months post operatively :(.  I really don’t want to undergo further arthroscopy for meniscal damage if a positive result can be gained from physio (diagnostic consultation tomorrow) and the use of Glucosamine and MSMs.  Can anyone tell me if it is a bad idea to take these having had a hamstring autograft repair of my ACL, and what other ways I can avoid further surgery at all costs.  (My future career hangs in the balance based upon the full function of the knee being established without further surgery).  Thanks
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My OS told me that Gluc./Chond. is prescribed for all of his patients. He said that it has been shown to strengthen and possibly even repair damaged cartlidge in dogs. I'm no expert but I have not read anything that has alerted me of any side effects. I am not familiar with the MSM comb., but I'm sure someone else will post that knows more about that. Best of luck to you!
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