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Author Topic: loose blue suture or suture anchor found in second meniscal repair surgery  (Read 1524 times)

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During my second meniscus repair on my left knee last week (the first surgery was in 2001), the surgeon found what he described as a suture loose in my knee. I watched the video and it shows what looks like a looped blue cord before it is sucked up with the fluid. I cannot find information on what this might have been and if it could have caused problems while it was in my knee for 4 years. I assume it was supposed to absorb. Is this common? A second concern: after the first meniscus repair on my left knee in 2001, I could not bear weight on that knee for 6 weeks and had to wear a locked brace. This surgeon (not the same one) used darts to connect the new tear which was also in the center of the medial meniscus. I have no restrictions and have already begun physical therapy. Does that mean that this was not a meniscal repair? I had a meniscotomy on my right knee in 2003 for a simple tear at the outer edge and had no restrictions. I'm confused about the different rehabs. Also, this recent surgery has caused considerably more pain than the simple meniscotomy did on my right knee. I'd appreciate any information that could help me make sense of either of these concerns. Thanks.
Meniscus repair, left knee 2001
Meniscotomy, right knee 2003
Meniscus repair, left knee 2005

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Re: loose blue suture or suture anchor found in second meniscal repair surgery
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2005, 05:07:33 AM »
the blue structure was a left over I am not an OS, I can't tell you if the sutures used for meniscal repairs are generally bio-absorbable or not. I would think they were, but again, I do not know. Could it have caused problems in the 4 years it was present?...that is possible, but hard to tell really. While it probably looked huge on the screen, it really is quite small in "real life"

Hope this helps
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