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Author Topic: hello is there anyone out there?  (Read 784 times)

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hello is there anyone out there?
« on: September 05, 2005, 10:41:19 AM »
hello sorry to pest kneeguru again but i still have the same problem with my knees all started about 1 year ago now i cant stand without pain but i can run even sprint.  before it was 1 min without pain standing still, but now its down to about 30s left.  i kind if figued out that for every 30 min i can stand for about 30s cause i have to recover after standing . i have no visable abnormalities apart from a hypomobily knee cap witch i had all my life (said from about 3 different doctors) and the blood test and xray showed nothing and i havnt had a mri scan cause the doctor said it would be usless, wont show anying new and it would cost them much to do it.
the pain seems to be around the space between the femur and the tibia of the knee the only thing that i have found different with a exam is that when a doctors sits on my knee while it is bent and im lying on a bed and pulls my tibia, the feelings i get from the pain area changes and feels really weird like a stress relief. it is very dull and acking pain. Apart from what i have said apove and below i have had no previous injurys, surgrey etc and i can use my knees like any normal man would

i have a walking stick now and that helps. im sick of the sickness befit and hated it so now im working at a sewing factory. :)
i have been to see a few different doctors, rheumatologist etc they dont have any answer
or though the rheumatologist said that it could be a old injury that i had years ago that i forget and didnt heal properly and the nerves are saying theres pain where there isnt. he told me to exercise and run every day to get my pain tolerance up and gave me some pills to have. It hasnt worked so far... :(

thats one weird problem with my knees and the other one is.......... (ill try make this short)
i cant bend my knees to about a (clicking\poping nosie when i extented from a bend postion witch is about 45 degrees), for about 5 min then the pain slowlys comes and im in heaps of pain to about 10-20 mins after than i HAVE to straighten them and thats when the pain really hits probably the worst pain ive had in my life for about 10 sec then slowly goes away. if i do this repeatly (about 20 in a day) my knees are permanly sore when i put presher on them from that 45 degree angle or less. this means i cant squat ,stand up without using arms to take presher away from knees etc
after i get this pain i have to have at least a 1 to 2 weeks of mainly straight legs to recover so i can put presher on my knees to squat etc
the pain is about on the front of the patella to its bottom tendor and feels like a tight dull pain.
i think these 2 types of pain must be connect i have other joint pain like i cant do pressup cause my wrist cant hold the presher hurts to much etc etc etc 

THANKYOU for reading this thankyou thankyou
i just want to know is there anyone on this earth that is like me that haves simuale types of pains
if you do PLEASE say what you do and what i should do. my life is at stake cause its only getting worst. :(
and is there anyone else that knows what could be the problem and i dont care if its a "it could be this but probably not" thing.... just tell me