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Author Topic: My first official injury!1!!  (Read 862 times)

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My first official injury!1!!
« on: September 04, 2005, 12:21:42 AM »
Ok so, I'm 20 years old, incredibly active, play any and all sports and run at least 2-3 hours a day. I'm also really into gymnastic-type moves and martial arts, I can run up to a wall and walk on it sideways for about 3 steps. Anyway, I was playing in a local mens league soccer game, I was sprinting and tried to turn quickly. Heard a pop while in mid-air landed and only to have 3-4 more pops. The pain was excruciating, from the moment it happened I knew my knee was destroyed, I had my friends help me up and out to the ER, meanwhile, I was in adsolute agonizing pain.

So anyways the ER took x-rays, gave me an immobilizer, felt the knee and suggested scheduling with a specialist and getting an MRI because the ER doc said there was definately something wrong. I am in depression due to my knee so I opt to see a clinic doc instead of a hospital doc, because the wait is only 1 day compared to one month. So we go see the doc. she rationalizes that the MCL is definately torn and the ACL possibly. She says she wants to drain the knee, so she can tug harder on the tibia, because the swelling isn't letting her move the tibia. So despite my reluctance, I ask what is in there, she says blood and maybe other fluid. I'm thinking, theres a damn good reason the blood swells! So my dad asks well what else would be in there besides blood, she states, "synovial fluid" whatever, drain the knee. So she drains it, my dad says that there was more then just blood being drained out. Anyways she tugs on it more alternating between my good and bad knee, she says " It's gone" we say ok she metions surgery and PT but then says lets not get to far ahead of ourselves, and sends me to another location to get a brace. She sets up PT in 5 days (a total of 7 days after the injury) and another doctors visit in 10 days ( a total of 12 days after the injury) she seemed very intent on having me come to her clinic, despite the fact that I could go to University of Michigan, another 5 miles away and one of the best sports-med hospitals in the country.

We got to the prosthetics office and find out the paper only reads MCL so we go back to the docs and she corrects the order to and MCL/ACL brace. Meanwhile the prosthetics doc is explaining the brace, he asks about the MRI, we say, "We never had one" and then he asks about the surgery date and we say, "hasn't been set" again puzzled looking he goes on to explain the brace and what not about pre-op post-op usage and then shows the sports brace. blah blah blah

OK, so does all of this sound like standard procedure?

I'm kind of worried and think I should seek a second opinion, not that I think my doc is wrong, the MCL and ACL are torn, but I knew that myself before going in to the doc just from one night of research on the computer.

Why did she drain my knee? And then pull more on the leg (I was in extreme pain!) My knee is even more swollen after the draining!

Also, it seemed she drained me knew so I wouldn't go somewhere for an MRI, and more importantly take my business away from her clinic.

Additionally what about the synovial fluid pulled out of my knee, don't i need that!! Can your body make more? or is that now gone?

Am I just over-reacting or should I be a little more suspicious?

Also should I be attempting to increase my ROM and weight bearing abiity even though it's been 3 days since the injury. Keep in mind I seem to be a very quick healer and have EXTREMELY strong legs, I can press, over 1000lbs. Not to be bragging but I hear that the more in shape and stronger you are post-injury and post-op the quicker your recovery will be.

Also what do you guys do to get through it, I am extremely angry AND depressed right now, I still can't believe I haven't punched a hole in the wall yet (my typical venting move)

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Re: My first official injury!1!!
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2005, 12:52:07 AM »
Hey there

I wasin the same boat as you. Very active, although I am a little older.  I slipped on a wet floor (drips of sweat) while playing netball and hyperextended my knee.  I felt a pop in it and went down in a screaming mess although I cant recall it being all that painfull.  Needless to say I knew that I'd done some serious damage.  Went to 3 Drs, a physio and a oesteopath who all said that they either didnt know what was wrong (the oesteopath) or that there was nothing wrong.  I couldnt run at all, and it was instable. I couldnt even get one of them to xray it.  I had no swelling, so on the getting your knee drained thing... Im not much help.  But eventually I found a good Sports medicine Dr who could pick a knee injury a mile off.  I didnt have an MRI at all, but the Drs that I saw were able to diagnose a torn ACL by doing some simple tests...... the Lachmans, Drawer and Pivot tests.  I passed the Drawer and the Pivot tests, but failed badly the Lachmans.  This Sports Dr said he was 90% sure I'd torn the ACL and he referred me to an excellent Orthopeadic surgeon who specialises in ACL reconstructions.  The OS said he was 95% sure I'd torn my ACL, and we decided to go in for a look.... his words were that he was pretty sure that I'd torn it, and an MRI is expensive and may not show the injury, so he didnt want me to waste the money on it.  I went into surgery prepared for an ACL reconstruction, and if it wasnt needed they wouldnt do it.  As it turned out, he was right and my ACL was completely ruptured and I needed the ACL reconstruction.  Im now 4 and a half months down the track and slowly getting back to what it was befor the injury.... 4 and a half months since the surgery, 10 months since the injury.

I was extremely fit before the injury, and had very muscular legs for a girl.... since the surgery my biggest problem has been the muscle wasteage.  I think that unfortunately you need to prepare yourself for a long tough recovery.... the rehab isnt easy.  I was not at all prepared for the difficult time that I have had.  I dont mean to add to your disappointment that you are obviously having, but I assure you that once you find a good dr and get the problem diagnosed and start your rehabilitation plan you will feel much better.  I was really frustrated until I found out what was really wrong, then got swept along quickly into surgery and then the rehab.  The rehab is tough, there is no doubt about that... I've shed lots of frustrated tears, but it is also very rewarding when you reach a milestone.  Try not to let this experience get you down, there are positives to it, and try to use it as a learning experience.  I've had to learn how to be patient, and listen to my body.... and learnt lots about knees in the process.  You are young.... once you get back on trak you will get back into sport in no time....

Keep us posted.
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