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Author Topic: how long should i wait?????????????  (Read 732 times)

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how long should i wait?????????????
« on: August 31, 2005, 09:02:48 PM »
hi fellow knee sufferers

i've had 2 ops on my left first op,i had a  ACL replacement about 7 years ago and the second op was about 2 months ago and i had my ACL  re-strengthened and tightened. He cleaned up  damaged cartilage and withdrew excess fluid that was surrounding my knee.i have seen the surgeon and physio and they have told me that they are happy with how my knee is building and that i should carry on in the gym and start to kick a ball  3 months from my op.i have the odd clicking and cracking now again but no pain or swelling.the knee feels stable but my tendons do feel tight at the back of the knee. but i wonder if its just from all the training i'm doing on it.or is it my knee telling me to slow down.the physio has also said not to bother with a knee support as the knee will end up relying on it and it is better to go with will i know i am ready to play?how long should i wait untill i play a full football match?And has anyone had the same injury and have any comments or ideas that will help me with my recovery.any info will be welcomed.
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Re: how long should i wait?????????????
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2005, 12:39:37 PM »

Hi, sounds like things have gone pretty well for you since your surgery.

Wish I could answer your questions, but I can not....Have you checked out the section called 'Specialists Office' and 'Cruciate Ligaments'.  You should be able to find answers to your questions in that section.

Good luck to you,