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Author Topic: Can the mcl recover Ok without the acl??  (Read 2301 times)

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Can the mcl recover Ok without the acl??
« on: August 20, 2005, 01:13:40 PM »
Two questions really, I have had my acl removed (4 Aug) as I detached it in a horse riding accident mid July 05.  I am left in a leg brace to aid the recovery of my damaged acl.  In 4 weeks time they will see how i am getting on and decide whether I need the acl replacing.  My knee is extremely stiff right now as I have been not using it since the accident 6 week ago.

I have been told that I was luch to get the Arthroscopy done so quicky after the accident, and as this happened so quickly (it felt like ages for me) it should help the recovery.

I have had all treatment done via the UK NHS and just curious to se if there are any comments on the recovery and also whether going private would have speeded things up at all? What do you think?

Also, is it fair to expect the mcl to recover without the acl being there - or is this just a waiting game? ???