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Author Topic: Did Man Land on the MOON ?  (Read 1411 times)

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Did Man Land on the MOON ?
« on: August 16, 2005, 03:16:45 PM »
                  I hope she doesn't mind you reading one of her letters she sent to me
I'm not normally proud to be an American, but I  certainly am when it comes  to the Space Program and NASA.  I grew up in Houston...NASA's headquarters and  mission control is based
between Houston and Galveston.  Launch and return  sites are based in Florida  and the deserts of Arizona and Nevada...  Rice University where I studied Spanish as a  graduate student is where
scientists destined for NASA and JPL are educated. That's where I met my ex-hub...he was working on his PhD in astrophysics.   His focus was perturbating ions in the ionosphere using
radio telescopes. One of the largest radio telescopes is based in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.   We
went there many times for his experiments.   It's in the center of the  island in  mountainous jungle.  As for the moon landing, I think it's great.   I  would love to travel in   space, even if only in the stratosphere or  ionosphere, so I could see the  Earth from afar.  The only drawback of the moon landing was the  astronauts putting the US flag on it.    The moon belongs to Earthlings, not to only Americans  and Russians.