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Author Topic: 3rd time lucky???fingers crossed.  (Read 717 times)

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3rd time lucky???fingers crossed.
« on: August 20, 2005, 09:44:10 PM »
Hello fellow knee sufferers! I'm a long time reader but first time poster.

A brief history= 7 years ago I had my first operation after I tore my ACL ligament whilst playing football (soccer). I had the operation done privately.The operation was a success and the surgeon assured me that the ACL would not go again in that knee. After 5 months of intense physio and a couple of months of building my confidence up I was back playing sunday league football. Two and a half years after that operation I had managed to reach semi-professional level when disaster struck again! I was taken out from behind whilst my leg was still rooted in the ground. This time I tried the NHS. After visiting the hospital and waiting to see the surgeon I finally went into surgery 8 months on after the accident. After the surgery the surgeon told me that I had stretched my ACL a couple of millimeters and damaged my cartilage. He informed me that he had cleaned my cartilage up but had left my ACL stretched. After 6 months of trying to strengthen and build my knee up I was no better after the operation than I was the op was a waste of time. So back to the NHS to report my unhappiness. This time the surgeon that saw me the first time on private would be doing my third op. with the NHS. My third op. happened in July this year and was a success. The surgeon told me that he had re-strengthened and tightened my ACL. He cleaned up any damaged cartilage and withdrew excess fluid that was surrounding my knee. He said no kicking a ball for 3 months. Straight away after the third op. my knee felt better than it did after my second op.i'm still having physio once a week and i still get the odd cracking and slight popping when i turn or bend it,but no pain or swelling.i think its because its still early days after the op. I am now into my third month, my knee is nearly back to normal. I can jog and sprint with no pain but only in straight lines. I have not tried kicking a ball or changing direction yet but that is next to come. The reason for this post is to see if anyone else has had similar problems or gone through the same as I have. If anyone has any suggestions on training or on knee supports or any ideas or comments on glucosamine or vitamins. Any comments or posts will be greatly appreciated as hopefully this will help me to progress back to playing football. Since the first op. which was 7 years ago I have probably played about 3 years of football and the rest has been ops, physios and endless waiting lists. As long as I can get back to kicking a ball I will be happy! :)
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