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Author Topic: Lateral Menisectomy----Help  (Read 1035 times)

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Lateral Menisectomy----Help
« on: August 04, 2005, 03:06:48 AM »
I had a lateral menisectomy about 12 weeks ago.  I was still having pain on week ten so i went to see my OP and he told me to lay off impact stuff like running and jumping for two weeks.  So On monday, the 1st two weeks later, i went to my first soccer camp so i can get back and ready for the upcoming soccer season thinking i would be able to do and be fine, still lay off on the running and jumping (I am a Goalkeeper) After my camp i was in a ton of pain.  my knee hurt a lot and swelled up.  Two days later my knee stll hurts and is in a lot of pain even when i walk.  I ice my knee and keep it elevated and take advil but that doesnt seem to help.  My Op also told me that if it still hurts in two weeks that i should get another MRI but i am hesitant to do that because i dont want to start the entire diagnosis process once again and i dont really have the "lets wait and see how it feels in a few weeks" time since the seasons is approaching.  Does anyone have or has had the same problem??  Will it really get better soon?

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Re: Lateral Menisectomy----Help
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2005, 03:39:00 PM »
Hey !!

Have you been doing excercises to get the muscles surrounding the joint back ? If not maybe you need to start doing that.
Have you been on antininflammatory meds trying to reduce the swelling and maybe if you have a ongoing inflammation ?
Is advil antiinflammatory ?
After a meniscectomy it can take time to get back in shape, maybe you need more time ? Has the doc tried giving you a cortizoneinjection to make your knee calm down ? Can be an option.
A support maybe also can help you while playing.
Even if you are a goalkeeper and you don't run or jump you put lots of stress on your knee while playing.
Give it some more time and also talk with your doc about if it's ok beeing goalkeeper or if you need to take it easier for a while.
Wish you good luck !!

Hugs Nettan  8)
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