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Author Topic: reputation does not mean a good surgeon  (Read 1146 times)

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reputation does not mean a good surgeon
« on: February 11, 2003, 11:51:08 PM »
i went to knee specialist who saw me in hospital after my accident. i did not go to him in the begining because i was pointed to an os in boston who was considered "one of the finest".  if he is i will not find out. since my knee problems are workmans comp related, this fine os in boston was unwilling to take the workers comp rate to perform needed surrgery. i was shocked when i found this out, and questioned his ethics. does $$ matter that much, when considering ones health and well being. i had scheduled a second opinion with the first knee specialist who saw me after the accident before finding this out, so thankfully i had unknowingly secured myself another os.  i need to have my knee scoped and debridled, my patella is in a locked position , not allowing me to gain flexion. while they scope they will also release my knee and bend it to 130 degrees. also they will biopsy cartiladge for carticel. my new os felt my progress to be unacceptable and tho he would not say a bad word about another os, the implications were there. my original boston os did not have good notes, and workers comp took back the tens/e stim machine my therapist gave me.  my boston os would not prescribe pain killers or anything to help sleeping, so for 3 and a half months i have lived with lots of pain and little sleep. yesterday my new os took care of those issues and i now look forward to surgery , if you can believe someone looking forward to surgery.
lesson i learned is reputation does not guarantee a good os.
9-13-02 - present, 4 surgeries to right knee. quad severed, piece of femoral condyle cut off, shaving of patella. had cartilage implant 9-22-03, fluid drain, cultures & manipulation10-21-03

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Re: reputation does not mean a good surgeon
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2003, 01:39:39 AM »
Hi there,

When are you having surgery? It really is terrible how some of the OS guys are! I hope you continue to have better luck with this OS. I am glad that your pain issues are being addressed now.

Good luck to you!
LR and Chondrplasty 1/22/02, Clean-up, Chondroplasty and biopsy 6/4/02, AC Implant 11/6/02, Micro fracture and adhesion clean up 8/12/03

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Re: reputation does not mean a good surgeon
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2003, 06:38:57 PM »
I know what you mean about the frustrations of workers comp. Mine was also a workers comp injury. I called three OS's (one I had used before) who wouldn't take WC before I finally gave up and went to the doctor who was on call in the hospital. I liked him okay, but I wonder if I would have had a normal recovery if I had had a different doctor. Instead, I have a lifetime disability. He didn't do anything "wrong," but I just wonder....  I also found out later that my original OS would have taken me anyway if I had just asked him personally. Oh, well. My WC has actually been really good to me through all of this (almost four years), but now has said they won't pay for any more doctor visits or treatments (although they continue to pay for my meds). I have an appointment with a "big name" OS in two weeks, but will have to pay for it on my own and fight WC to pay for any treatment he proposes.

Anyway, good luck with your upcoming surgery (and I totally understand looking forward to it!). And I'm really glad you got the pain meds you needed!!


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