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Author Topic: OS says my problem pregnancy hormones?????  (Read 1301 times)

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OS says my problem pregnancy hormones?????
« on: July 12, 2005, 02:04:51 AM »
A few weeks back I had and MRI on my right knee.  I had excruciating pain, after I kneeled on the hard floor.  The MRI stated:

      *mild amorphous signal in the medial meniscal horn, which does not extend to the articular surface
       *myxoid degeneration, medial mensical horn
       *mild to moderate joint effusion

Ok, so from what I learned, it's not a tear, because it doesn't extend to the surface.  The degeneration, sound almost like osteoarthritis.  My primary(the one who sent me for the MRI) could feel the grinding when he moved my patella.

So, last week I see the OS.  Take my MRI films with me and report.  They do an x-ray, since the docs there like to have x-rays.
When he finally comes in the room, he listens to my story.  I tell him the pain is much less, but when I walk a lot I feel it.  Now, I admit, it's not as bad as when it first started.  Well, he moves my leg up and down and ask's me if it hurts, of course it diddn't.  Well, He says that "after pregnancy(last son born 12/04), that your hormones cause looseness in your tendons"  I ask what about this myxoid degeneration, he then mumbled something about "terminology"  He didnt' even look at my MRI films until I asked about the myxoid degeneration, and then He grabbed two of the seven films looked and said "well here is what they are calling a signal, they say that when they aren't sure what is there"  He tells me my meniscus isn't torn, well I figured that out.  and wants me to start PT 3 times a week and put me on Naprosyn.

Now, I feel like i was blown off.  should I seek a second opinion regurding the degeneration?  when it is osteoarthritis is that the terminology that is used....myxoid degeneration?

Thanks for your time

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Re: OS says my problem pregnancy hormones?????
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2005, 03:36:03 AM »
Your body does secrete relaxin while pregnant, which is supposed ot help the pelvis widen for delivery. It does affect other joints in the body, I can remember my shoulders popping. It does not just disappear right after delivery, it takes awhile, probablt different from person to person. Myxiod as far as I am aware is a change in cell structure, more like a mucous substance, like a cyst. Osteoasthritis affects the bones and your report doesn't mention bony degeneration. The joint effusion is swelling in the joint. A change in signal can mean anything. Maybe you have a cyst in the middle of the mensicus. Not all surgeons feel comfortable reading fils and rely on the radiologists report. And certain views show different anatomy better. For now I would try the PT and Naprosyn. If it doens't respond, ask for an exploratory scope and if they won't do it find a new OS. But I would think most OS's would try PT and anti-inflammatories or steroids before doing surgery.

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Re: OS says my problem pregnancy hormones?????
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2005, 01:34:43 PM »
I believe myxoid degeneration is degeneration of the tissue in the meniscus.  It's not a tear, and it's not arthritis.  It just means the meniscus may not be 100% capable of doing its job as shock absorber.  Having never had children, I don't know if that is affected at all by hormones.  But there have been several threads over the last few months, and most of the women seem to agree that menstrual cycles affect our knee pain.  That said, pregnancy is a much more significant swing in hormone levels, and I wouldn't be surprised if it also affected the knees.

I agree with Becky - try the anti-inflammatories and PT.  Most OS's would start there, and you can always go for further opinions if this OS proves unwilling to listen/help in the future.

ACI was supposed to be 2/21/06.  On 6/29/06 Insurance co said have another scope, and if it still looks good, they'll ok the ACI.
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Re: OS says my problem pregnancy hormones?????
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2005, 03:38:15 PM »
Thank you so much for the replies.  I have been taking the Naprosyn and I will start PT hopefully next week.  What you both said does make sense, I guess I just felt like he was blowing me off because he didn't take the time to look over the MRI films.  I feel better now.
hope ;)