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Author Topic: Knee replacement joints  (Read 788 times)

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Knee replacement joints
« on: July 05, 2005, 08:14:38 AM »
Has anybody in the UK been on the receiving end of the Optektrak knee replacement joints (made in the USA and adopted by the Droitwich Knee Clinic)? It may be a bit early to ask as the press release I read about Droitwich was only dated June 2005 and talked about doctors learning how to perform these latest hi-tech knee operations.

I have read about these joints and they are advertised as giving a 125 degree flexion. They also advertise a new Hi-Flex system giving 145 degrees.

I am contemplatingh having a knee replacement, although at nearly 60 my surgeon is reluctant to do it yet because he considers me too young and the state of my knee not serious enough. However, it has altered my life and now the other knee is beginning to give me gyp. I see him again on tomorow and any advice on prostheses used in the UK or encourageemnt from anyone who has had the op would be good.

PS I live in Bristol. If there is anyone out there who lives local to me and who has recently had a replacement knee I'd be pleased to hear from you.