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Author Topic: Hockey Goalie Sprained MCL?  (Read 2088 times)

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Hockey Goalie Sprained MCL?
« on: July 03, 2005, 10:27:19 PM »
Greetings! I was wondering if you could help me out or pass this along to someone that can help. I was invloved in an injury playing ice hockey April 25th of this year. I am a goaltender and have never been injured prior to
this. I managed to get a "sprained MCL" during the 1st period of the game and of course left the game in pain. I was able to walk that night but had extreme stiffness in the knee. Was prescribed anti-inflamatory and pain medication, which of course helped a great deal. The first few weeks was kind of stiff and I had a limp with my walk. I do not limp now, but once in a while it reminds me that I might not be healed just yet. An odd twist of some sort might give a slight pain but for the most part the knee feels pretty good. My injury came when I went into a position called the "butterfly" position. I went to an extreme for the save after I fell into the butterfly position and heard a popping noise and then of course extreme pain. The first few weeks were stiff. The last 3-4 weeks have been an improvement. How long should I wait before I can get back into the game? Last week I started using my bike for rehabilitation. Is this the right thing? It is impossible for me to see an orthropedic or to get an MRI but x-rays were done and bone was not cracked. What do you suggest for rehab and a faster way to get back to 100%? I hope you can help me out. Thank you for your time!

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Re: Hockey Goalie Sprained MCL?
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2005, 05:00:00 AM »
Hey B Wall, you don't mention who you saw to be determined it was an MCL sprain.  Were you given a course of therapy to do afterwards?  Like what type of exercises to do and for a certain period of time.

Why is it impossible to see an orthopedic or get an MRI? If you have continued pain you should be seeing just that type of Dr.
What level of hockey are you playing and do you have a team trainer?

If the biking doesn't hurt when you do it I see no problem with that. How is it to do stretches? And are you on ice for the summer?  your position requires the body to bend in ways most don't. I know, I used to play pickup games and put on the equipment in my 20s. and mine didn't bend like that  ;D .. I grew to have a great appreciation for the position! It was a blast to play !!!
If you are really serious about playing, you deserve to get the best possible care and info you can. You don't want to mess up your knee doing something ill advised and miss the season.  Hope you get the proper help and get on the ice ready to go! Ron
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