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Author Topic: Possible surgery and concered 15 yr old  (Read 888 times)

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Possible surgery and concered 15 yr old
« on: July 03, 2005, 07:07:02 PM »
well i am fifteen and have apparently torn my meniscus. I've been going to pt for about a week, and my therapist says that i may soon be getting an MRI possible knee scope (i'm not sure whats its called). And after that we will see how it goes. If i get surgery i need some information from people who have HAD it. Not some site. I want to know HOW long the surgery is, how long the hospital stay is, how long the recovery period is and i want to know how your results are now. I injured it playing softball, completely ruined my season  >:( . Now i am in fear of not being able to start in my soccer league, :'( which may be my entire future. I am EXTREMELY concered. If any of you are around northren ohio and know of ANY great surgeons i could use a few names!! THANKS 
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Re: Possible surgery and concered 15 yr old
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2005, 07:43:34 PM »
Did you tear Lateral or Medial not that it matter just wondering. usually meniscus tears are treated surgically. using an arthroscope (scope) and they put 2 or 3 little incisions like this width of your finger nail. Sorry i havent really gone through this all yet....ok here is what i am told from my OS:

Surgery: takes about an hour

Hospital: It is done on an outpatient basis..once you are awake and alert from the anestesia (sp?) then they let you go home

Recovery: It depends on if your OS repairs the Meniscus or takes the damaged part out. (menisectomy)
*repaired* depends on the surgeons protocol mine says that i will be off betweeen 5-8 weeks non weight bearing and that is to let the meniscus heal after they stitch it up...Most of the time (again depending on the OS) when you come outta surgery you will be in an imobilizer so your knee doesnt move. the complete recovery time is about 6 months depending on you.

*Menisectomy* you can be on crutches from 1-7 days depending on how you feel dont have to wear a brace or anything...(that i know of) adn the healing time is about 6 weeks.

Usually an OS will try and repair the meniscus because since you are an athlete or just a young person then  so you dont have arthritis down the road. So the repair is better off in the longrun but it sucks to stay outta sports. Also not to freak you out but oyu could have ligament injuries too.....beacuse i have a lateral meniscus tear and a LCL tear with this cyst thing from all the fluid that has built up over the last 3 months. also the repair depends on how big the tear is.

this probably isnt what ya wanted considering that i havent had the surgery yet.....but i will let you know how that goes on Wed. im going to have a diary thing.... well good luck and i hope this helps happy 4th of July!!!!!

Morgan T. lol  ;D
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Re: Possible surgery and concered 15 yr old
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2005, 08:57:55 PM »
i ran xc and track in hs .... i tore my medial meniscus twice.. it is true that the repair takes longer, but is better in the long run because they save all of it. 
when i was 17 I had it removed the day before thanksgiving and made it to regionals by track season (april)  I had a limp forever.... i was a lil slow at recovering usually it doesnt' take that long.

My second surgury was two days before my 19th birthday.  Other knee.... it actually was an interstitial tear... its like a less than 1 percent chance of this being what you have.... then those two options that are usually given the repair and the removal are not possible... so they did this other procedure its called barbotage.  I don't htink that worked well for me, and I had another mri friday.  I'm 21 now.    there is a 95% chance all they can do is remove it and about a 5% chance that the tear is repairable.  It just depends if its in a healable area of ure meniscus. I think those stats are for the medial area though.  Then one they did to me is real rare they just did it cuz i'm young, athletic and there was nothing else they could do.

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