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Author Topic: Post op help needed please for chondral flap removal  (Read 2148 times)

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Post op help needed please for chondral flap removal
« on: July 03, 2005, 06:47:57 PM »
hi There
6 weeks ago I had a chondral flap removed by keyhole surgery. After one week I could walk slowly with no pain. After 4 weeks I could ride a few miles on my bike with no pain and everything was going really well, then I had a setback, I don't recall any traumatic event but I woke up with sharp pain when I walked and straightened my knee. Now I seem to be going nowhere, it is as if the knee is really loose. Is this caused by a bit of extra inflammation reducing the functionality of the muscles that brace the knee. I get lots of clicking inside the joint. By the way I had oss chondritis dessicans as an 18 year old. I am 47. Please help as I really don't understand why it has got worse after such a good initial recovery. I have a full range of movement. Has anyone out there had the same op? All advice welcome.
Bye for now


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Re: Post op help needed please for chondral flap removal
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2005, 07:03:05 PM »

Hi, have you read any posts from the Rehab Dept section - Soft Tissue Healing Problems - think someone in that section should be able to answer your questions.

Here is a site that might also help you some.

Good luck,